Your Ultimate Guide to Minting Kanon NFTs

Whitelist Sale

Public Sale

How to Mint

  • Go to on the date of your sale (Feb. 25 for Whitelist, and Feb 26 for Public sale). 🚨Please double and triple check that you are on the correct website.
  • Option 1: Connect your Phantom or other compatible Solana wallet (the connect button will be at the top right corner) on the home page. Then click the “Minting Page” button.
  • Option 2: Click the “Minting Page” button (this button will be visible on the day of the sale) to go directly to the minting page. From the Minting page, click “Connect wallet”.
  • Once your wallet is connected, click “Mint” from the Mint page. You’ll only be able to mint a single Kanon NFT at a time. To mint additional Kanons, click mint again.
  • After you click mint you’ll see a popup window to approve the transaction (you’ll actually need to approve twice). Once approved, that’s it!

🚨Is This Your First NFT Mint? A Word of Caution

  • Add a new wallet (within your existing wallet account)
  • Put just enough SOL in the new wallet + expected gas for the number of Kanons you wish to mint (Why: Rather than connecting a single wallet that houses all of your funds, having a different wallet to split up your funds can help protect you from losing all of your SOL in the case that you mistakenly connect to the wrong page)
  • If you have any questions, their helpful community is available to answer!



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