Who is Faith Tribe?

4 min readDec 30, 2021


For far too long, it has been difficult for talented designers to break into the fashion industry and be fairly compensated for their work. The global fashion industry has also made it difficult for designers in non-US or European countries to be discovered. Added to these challenges has been the pandemic which made it increasingly difficult for creators to connect with people within the fashion industry and make a living.

Faith Tribe, created by iconic brand Faith Connexion, is creating a never-before-seen global fashion design platform that addresses these problems. It is creating the first fully decentralized and community-owned ecosystem for the collaborative creation of fashion, where fashion designers’ race, gender, geography, country of origin, education level and income are irrelevant. The platform will unlock new opportunities for designers and creators on a global scale.

Faith Tribe is harnessing the power of blockchain, Web3 and NFT technologies which will allow creators to design, customize, mint and distribute their own digital and physical fashion assets. Platform participants, who range from designers, artists, curators, bloggers, influencers, brands and buyers, can vote through a democratic process which garments they would like to see physically brought to life. Merging the fashion industry with technology like blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrency may seem complicated or intimidating to some, but Faith Tribe wants its platform to be accessible to everyone.

Four ways that Faith Tribe is bringing its vision to life;

Designer Studio

Faith Tribe’s Designer Studio will enable designers to create digital and physical designs for fashion items and outfits, all backed by NFT technology. By being backed by NFT technology, a design will always be linked to the creator and can never be stolen. Designers and artists can then work collaboratively or independently through the platform to create designs of their own or customize existing Faith Community designs.

Creators then have full ownership over a range of decisions, including whether they want to create a single copy of an outfit, multiple copies, or to create a collection. They can crowdsource public contribution to co-own a design or collection of designs if they like. They can mint digital, physical or combination design assets and they can set prices, distribution rights and royalty fees of their liking.

Faith Tribe Community Coin

Faith Tribe is all about the community; a Creative Tribe of fashion designers, visual artists, studios and any type of individual contribution to the creation of a fashion product. The best part is that the Creative Tribe does not recognize any boundaries, and any of these individuals can be from anywhere in the world.

Faith Tribe’s democratic element derives from the use of its community coin and the fact that Faith Tribe’s platform is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In a DAO, holders of a particular coin have a say in the platform’s governance. They can also monitor the platform, allocate funds from the community treasury and vote on proposed modifications and improvements to the Faith Tribe platform, such as product strategy, leadership decisions and treasury fund allocation. Coin holders will also be guaranteed a discount and the right to buy physical assets from Faith Connexion’s stores and from the Faith Tribe NFT marketplace.

Community-Owned Platform

One of the benefits of Faith Tribe being a DAO is that everyone on the platform collectively decides which garments go into physical production. Contributors of the community make the decision through a transparent and democratic process. The platform’s integration of blockchain technology and NFTs means that creators are guaranteed full or fractional ownership over their digital assets and can participate in all future sales. These NFTs can then be sold on Faith Tribe’s NFT marketplace.

One of the coolest things about selling digital versions of creators’ fashion items is that the NFT will not just be a digital version of the item. It can include a range of data, such as designer sketches and photography accompanying the digital garment, contributor information, contributor ownership splits and design assets for digital and physical versions of the item.

NFT Marketplace

Faith Tribe’s NFT marketplace is where fashion designers’ work is brought to life and where they can showcase and sell digital and product NFTs. Product NFTs mean that once that NFT is purchased, buyers will receive a physical version of it. Community Coin holders will be able to collectively choose which designs should be produced by the Faith Tribe team through a mass-crowd voting system.

Creators can decide whether they would like a one-off release of their fashion item, a limited production or open-ended production runs. Through the designer studio, creators can track distribution and sales of their digital and/or physical products on the NFT marketplace. The Faith Tribe platform empowers creators by giving them global visibility and ensuring that their designs are produced in the desired quantities and styles, and that they are in full control of their compensation

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