What Is SpaceDawgs?

Memecoin meets utility..

As the popularity of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu grew, copycat coins and memecoins were developed and launched. Many of the memecoins either had utility within their own ecosystem or no real utility. As investors and observers of the cryptocurrency space, members of the SpaceDawgs team saw a gap in the marketplace: real utility for memecoins on multiple blockchains.

SpaceDawgs to the Rescue

The complexity of this buildout is hard to grasp from the outside. There are many moving parts. A lot of thought must be put into ensuring the wallet and custody card work on and off multiple blockchains while also ensuring the user experience is superior to what is currently available.

But the truth is we are all part of the team. We are a decentralized community coin, first and foremost.

The Community Is SpaceDawgs

What’s Next?



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