What Is SpaceDawgs?

6 min readSep 26, 2021

Memecoin meets utility..

Simply put, SpaceDawgs ($DAWGS)is a decentralized utility coin that passes as a memecoin. The project is led by business-savvy crypto professionals, and the digital wallet is being developed by the MatterFi team, which includes Chris Odom, the creator of the Open Transactions protocol. OTX uses financial cryptography to create secure and private transactions.

While many of you may know what SpaceDawgs is developing — a digital wallet and card that will act as a custody card/wallet and debit/credit card — not too many are familiar with how SpaceDawgs came to be.

SpaceDawgs was inspired by the memecoin revolution.

As the popularity of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu grew, copycat coins and memecoins were developed and launched. Many of the memecoins either had utility within their own ecosystem or no real utility. As investors and observers of the cryptocurrency space, members of the SpaceDawgs team saw a gap in the marketplace: real utility for memecoins on multiple blockchains.

For those wondering how the name SpaceDawgs came about, it’s simple. Space is where all coins want to go — specifically, “to the moon!” And dogs have played a big role in the memecoin revolution. The original name, SpaceDoggs was taken, so the team went with the next best thing: SpaceDawgs.

The details about the team coming together is a story for another day. It includes savvy investors and some highly technical blockchain and smart contract experts, focused on creating a functional digital wallet and card that are safe, secure, and private. Over time, we will learn more about the people behind SpaceDawgs.

SpaceDawgs to the Rescue

SpaceDawgs is aiming to solve multiple problems in the cryptocurrency space.

  1. Addressing the need to switch between blockchain wallets in order to access your cryptocurrency
  2. Bringing real-world utility to cryptocurrency through the Dawgs debit and credit card
  3. Doing all this securely and privately through a decentralized wallet and card

All of this takes time, and it will come in phases. The first launch will include a soft wallet and custody card. You can consider both hard and cold wallets.

As the technology continues to be rolled out and integrated, you can expect a wallet to work on swap platforms and exchanges. You’ll have a card that will act as a cold wallet card but give you the ability to use the crypto you hold in your wallet to pay for goods and services with your Dawgs card.

The complexity of this buildout is hard to grasp from the outside. There are many moving parts. A lot of thought must be put into ensuring the wallet and custody card work on and off multiple blockchains while also ensuring the user experience is superior to what is currently available.

The SpaceDawgs team is composed of computer scientists, graphic design artists, business professionals, and cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. The operation is lean, and the core team members understand what is needed to take SpaceDawgs from a memecoin idea to a true utility project.

The core team is currently focused on the following:

  • Branding: logo, colors, fonts, and website redesign
  • Custody card: tiers (levels), designs to fit manufacturer requirements, and integration with the wallet and Dawgs coin
  • Digital wallet: back-end development to integrate BTC, ETH, and LTC blockchains, GUI/UX, and mobile app development
  • Partnerships/marketing: endless phone calls to discuss the project with teams/coins/individuals/exchanges, term negotiation, and strategy development
  • Education/communication: Telegram and Twitter, communication and coordination with team members, creation of the Lite Paper, and publication of Medium articles

The above bullet points are the high-level everyday priorities. Many members of the core team are volunteers, meaning they are taking time away from their own professional lives and families to work on this project. Everyone on the core team is making sacrifices because they believe in what SpaceDawgs is building and they want to see it succeed.

But the truth is we are all part of the team. We are a decentralized community coin, first and foremost.

This means it is up to everyone to make it work. Whether it’s by holding, engaging the community with feedback or suggestions, or sharing what Dawgs is all about with others, we all play a crucial role.

The Community Is SpaceDawgs

Without investors, holders, and a community, SpaceDawgs is nothing more than a great idea. The community is key to the success of SpaceDawgs, and the core team understands this. They are working hard to make the right moves for the project, so everyone benefits from their investment.

The core team isn’t asking you to do anything. They are focused on creating a positive and vibrant community that is full of holders who understand the long-term vision of SpaceDawgs and want to be part of this journey. We will do everything we can to create the right culture and community through our tech, rollout strategies, partnerships, and communication with all of our new and existing holders.

It’s up to all of us to decide what type of community we want to create for SpaceDawgs. With the right community, we will attract the right investors.

As a decentralized community coin, we also get to decide what role we want to play in the community.

  • If there is something you want to do, do it. You do not need permission.
  • If there is something you want to suggest, suggest it. We are open to new ideas.
  • If you have questions, ask them.
  • If you want to take on a larger role within the SpaceDawgs project, volunteer. We are always looking for more help.
  • If you have a skillset you think we need, speak up. We love creatives and business people alike.
  • If you want to just hold and support the project, there is no problem with that either!

We just want good people to be part of the SpaceDawgs project. Whether you’re an investor or want more involvement, we’re just happy to have you on board.

If you would like to get more involved in any capacity, reach out to the members of the core team. We are all SpaceDawgs.

What’s Next?

There’s a lot to be said about the software backing SpaceDawgs, and the rollout of our soft wallet is coming soon. A lot of holders and potential investors want to see what we’ve been working on, and the community has been vocal about their request for marketing. We all want the same thing.

The products will come when testing and development are complete. We will not sacrifice security to rush out a product.

The marketing will be seen. It is a coordinated effort between SpaceDawgs and marketing teams. You will learn more about where we are headed in our Lite Paper. And then the White Paper.

This is a long-term project. We are still in the early days. Remember what SpaceDawgs is aiming to build and solve here. We are trying to create a solution for the crypto world by eliminating the need to switch between blockchains. We are focused on making it possible to use digital assets in the real world. If we do this right, we will create a lot of value for the cryptocurrency space.

We are early. Very early.

Until next time.

Website: spacedawgs.io

Telegram: https://t.me/SpaceDawgsCommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/spacedawgstoken

Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0xaee132d8294b1531f21a432149ccf16d65f9abfa

Contract: 0x9f8eef61b1ad834b44c089dbf33eb854746a6bf9