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2 min readOct 7, 2022


$ZZZ tokens

$ZZZ has a limited supply of 2 000 000 000 and is earned when user sleeps, while having one of the Sleepies active in the application.

Tokens can be:

  • Swapped to BUSD using in-app swap option;
  • Sold/bought in decentralised or centralised exchanges;
  • Staked in the staking pools to earn rewards.

Core function of $ZZZ token is to enable users level up and breed new NFTs.

$WEZ tokens

Token contract address: 9igG1YEgda7M2LjWkCiaKwcwYkFW174VDzrrPvoAT6DJ https://solscan.io/token/9igG1YEgda7M2LjWkCiaKwcwYkFW174VDzrrPvoAT6DJ

$WEZ is a governance token build on Solana chain and is used to reward users for their engagement with an application by completing daily tasks getting up the ranks in a leaderboard. On the top of that $WEZ is to be used as a reward for staking of $ZZZ.


Moons are in app credits, not tradable assets and are rewarded to the user for completion of daily tasks. Whenever completing a daily task, a user is rewarded a certain amount of moons, which are being credited to the user profile.

When a required amount of moons is collected, user is able to level up the profile level, which guarantees more superior rewards in $ZZZ, $WEZ and/or sleeping pills.

Daily Tasks

WeSleep is aiming to provide a tool to app users which would not only enable them to monetise their sleep time, but at the same time would also encourage them to build a healthier, more active lifestyle.

In order to achieve such goal, users will be getting Daily Tasks to complete on a daily basis, which would then generate their rewards in Moons.

Daily task examples:

  • Walk 3 000 steps;
  • Run 1 km;
  • Go for a 45 minutes walk;
  • Have a swim;
  • Have a gym session;
  • Burn at least 1 200 calories;
  • Etc.

Every time a daily task is complete, specific amount of Moons are credited to the Profile.

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