The World’s First Generative Art NFT & P2E Project in Space!

Monsta Party: Expedition FUN 🥳

On the anniversary of , I bring to you… Expedition FUN!

Cake Monster’s wanted to make this NFT launch super special for their community and the entire NFT space. So in true Monsta fashion, they decided to do something that’s never been done before… The World’s First Generative Art NFT & P2E Project in Space.

will literally be an NFT project out of this world!

How It Works

They will have three separate launch vehicles travelling up to 40,000 meters from earth. Against the backdrop of space, you’ll see:

  • Their cute Cake Monster mascot plushie.
  • An incredible Holographic laser show.
  • A screen displaying a show reel of Monsta Party NFTs.

Your Monsta Party NFT will literally be revealed to the world for the very first time from space. A claim that no person or project on earth will EVER be able to make again. Talk about historical significance!!

Monsta Party is The World’s First Generative Art NFT Project in Space.

Sent Into Space

They areworking with the talented and creative team at to make all the necessary preparations to pull off this world-first feat….and to have the most out of this world Monsta Party NFT launch!

Monstas know that they are always pushing the boundaries and striving to bring the best to our community. Ihope you’re as excited for the launch as they are!!

This is NFT history in the making, and something for us all to enjoy! 😊

Space Launch 🚀


November 2nd 2021, 19:00 UTC.


Visit or and tune in for a live stream of the Monsta Party: Expedition Fun space mission.

How Will It Work?

You’ll tune into the live stream for the Monsta Party launch, and towards the end of the production you’ll see a holographic countdown…

3, 2, 1… GO.

Once this happens, minting will begin!

Important Details 🚨

After the “3, 2, 1… GO” countdown from space…

  • Minting immediately starts for ACTIVE Diamond Claw NFT holders. (19 UTC)
  • When 15 minutes passes, they open minting for the regular whitelist presale as well (~19:15 UTC).
  • When another 15 minutes passes we open minting to the public (~19:30 UTC)..

Limits ✋

  • NFT Mints are limited to a maximum of 5 per wallet for all participants.
  • Maximum 2000 NFTs can be minted by Diamond Claw NFT holders in the first 15 minutes.
  • Maximum 3000 NFTs can be minted by Whitelisted users & Diamond Claw NFT holders in the second 15 minutes.
  • If the minting caps are not reached within the specified timeframes, the remaining slots will be used for the public sale.

Example: Let’s say minting opens at 18:30UTC, Active Diamond Claw NFT holders have an exclusive 15 min window from 18:30 to 18:45 to mint their NFTs, before minting unlocks for Whitelist participants. From 18:45 to 19:00 both DC holders and Whitelist participants can mint NFTs. At 19:00 minting unlocks to the public and everyone is able to mint while quantities remain.

Minting Price 💰

  • Active Diamond Claw NFT holders (all levels): $200 in BNB
  • Regular Whitelist: $250 in BNB
  • Public: $300 in BNB

How do I get on the Whitelist?

Diamond Claw NFT Holders 💎

Active Diamond Claw NFT holders of any level are already on the whitelist!

You don’t have a Diamond Claw NFT? There is still time to get enough $MONSTA and mint one! Visit the to view holding requirements and benefits. NFTs can also be purchased from the NFT Marketplace: , but remember you still need the required amount of $MONSTA to activate it! Once you’ve secured and activated your NFT, you’ve guaranteed your whitelist spot for the Monsta Party space launch!

Regular Whitelist 🥳

They will be running a series of Contests & Giveaways so you can have some fun and win a Whitelist spot!

Be sure to follow them on and to join the Monsta Mansion where you’ll have exclusive opportunities to earn whitelist spots for the Monsta Party NFT launch!

$MONSTA Heads to Space ✨

The launch and sale of Monsta Party NFTs will generate approximately ~$3 million in revenue, which results in over $1.5 million used to buy and burn $MONSTA, and an additional $900,000 to buy $CAKE and add to the 🤯 This results in a multitude of benefits to the Cake Monster ecosystem as a whole, and continues to add value and benefits to holders.

The additional $CAKE added to the Gravity Vault will result in:

  1. Larger amount of $CAKE getting staked in the PancakeSwap syrup pool which means larger staking rewards and $CAKE dividends to Level 5 Diamond Claw NFT holders.
  2. Increased share of $CAKE paid out to all $MONSTA holders at the end of this cycle and for the subsequent $CAKE Crumbs (25% of the added $CAKE!).
  3. Increased price floor for $MONSTA.

The additional $MONSTA that is bought and burned out of the LP will inevitably accelerate multiple protocol functions such as:

  1. Token burn rate.
  2. BNB Liquidity addition, causing less price impact on large buys/sells.
  3. And of course.. an accelerated rising price floor.


I hope you’re as excited for the Monsta Party NFT launch as they are! Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and don’t forget to tune into the live stream of Expedition Fun and be a part of history in the making!! 🚀

For additional info about Monsta Party, read their about it.

About Monsta Party

With Monsta Party NFT’s you will earn Party XP (PXP), level up your own algorithmically generated NFT’s and compete with others for the hottest spots on the dance floor as you climb the leaderboards to earn the sweetest buffet rewards! With over a million possible combinations, the Monsta Party NFT collection includes 150+ custom properties (e.g. headpieces, glasses, hairstyles, accessories, clothing, etc.), 40+ super rare NFT’s and about 15 animated deluxe traits!

Everything is handmade and designed with crazy love by our incredibly talented Monsta designers! What is a great Monsta Party without fresh and funky looking Monstas!?

About Cake Monster

Dive into the furry world of a super deflationary multi-feature and dividend yield token on BSC with cute memes, hairy NFTs, delicious community rewards and much much more sweet ingredients, RAWR!

Cake Monster ($MONSTA) offers a multitude of great features aimed at building a flexible and multifaceted dividend yield and reward system for participants without compromising the sustainability or security of the ecosystem and combines this with smart design, creativity, and organic growth.

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