1 min readJul 14, 2021


The DEED token plays a vital role in the core business model of Deedy, providing a fundamental backbone to the platform. It also provides additional benefits and enhanced user engagement, giving our users the cheapest fees possible.

The DEED token is a native token to the Deedy platform which is deployed on theBinance Smart Chain and has the following use cases:

Although users are also able to use ETH and BNB on the platform for NFT
purchasing, discounted commission fees are offered through payment via the
DEED token.

Payment of services:
Services can only be paid for in DEED tokens, including payments to creatives, artistsand designers commissioned by users on the platform.

Payment for NFT creation:
The creation of new NFT’s on the platform can only be made through DEED tokens.

The DEED token is the sole measure of the eco-systems community led governance.

Early Access:
DEED token holders are able to have early access to the bidding and
purchasing of exclusive Digital assets on the platform.

Deedy World:
Deedy World’s native currency (i.e used for purchasing of virtual land).

Staking, bounty, competition and community engagement awards distributed via the DEED token.