Taking The Cryptoverse By Storm — The New WallStreetBets DeFi Portfolio

They’re fixing that right now:

  • Community Run — Completely managed by you, our community of traders, that together decide the asset allocation, voting on proposals with WSB token.
  • Diversified — Gaining exposure to a wide array of assets, without having to invest in an ETF run by greedy finance Ph.D’s on Wall Street, who only look out for themselves.
  • Non-custodial — You and you alone hold the keys to your coins. Traders can make deposits and withdrawals at any time. No permission needed.
  • No intermediaries — ETP’s gets rid of the middle man, no longer are traders bound by the shackles of centralized finance.
  • Fully collateralized — all tokenized assets in the ETP are backed via assets held by a smart contract.
  • Transparent — they have nothing to hide. All the details and technicalities that you’d want to know are at the trader’s disposal
  • Real-time Reporting — price and performance stats are available in real-time, instead of waiting for the market close like the fine folk on Wall Street do.

The DeFi ETP — All You Need To Know




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