Start of New Meta: Sleep to Earn

3 min readOct 6, 2022

Year 2022 will be written in history books as a start of new Meta — Sleep to Earn and WeSleep aims to be a pioneer of such approach. In order to achieve their goals they’re not only building a Web3 app with inbuilt Game-Fi elements which awards users for their sleep time, instead they’re building a worldwide brand by positioning ourselves as an app-assistant for users to look after their sleep quality as well as build a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Sweet Rewards

At its core WeSleep app will allow users to monetise their sleep time by rewarding them with $ZZZ tokens. However, in order to be eligible for rewards users will need to hold at least one Sleepie, which has a specific set of attributes such as drowsiness, fatigue, luck or devotion. (Read more in their Whitepaper )

Sleepies are tradable assets built on Solana chain. Users can level up and breed new Sleepies in order to increase their daily rewards cap of $ZZZ tokens.

In addition, WeSleep is aiming to provide a tool for its users which would not only enable them to monetise their sleep time, but at the same time would encourage them to build a healthier, more active lifestyle. In order to achieve such goal, users will be getting Daily Tasks to complete on a daily basis, which would then generate their rewards in Moons.

Daily task examples:

  • Walk at least 3 000 steps;
  • Run 1 mile;
  • Go for a 45 minutes walk;
  • Have a swim;
  • Have a gym session;
  • Burn at least 1 200 calories;
  • Etc.

Every time a daily task is completed, a specific amount of Moons are credited to the Profile, which then are to be used to level up the Profile itself.

Their road so far

For the past few months they were fully focused on team building and preparations in order to deliver what they set in their roadmap.

WeSleep team overview:

  • Strong group of Co-Founders who have successfully launched previous crypto projects within DeFi and NFT space;
  • Experienced marketing and community managers who are deeply involved and well connected in Solana community;
  • Application development and design team, which has tens of successful app releases within past 7 years;
  • Frontend and backend development team, which has en extensive experience while working with platforms, applications, databases and smart contracts;
  • NFT designer who is recently voted to be a TOP 7 NFT designer in the space (voted on );
  • Experienced and well connected advisors who are deeply involved in NFT projects, such as VeeFriends.

Development traction:

  • Application design is ready;
  • First collection of 10 000 Sleepies is ready and waiting to be minted in September;
  • Both: $ZZZ and $WEZ tokens are prepared and already live on chain;
  • Application backend architecture is ready and being programmed by their experienced development team.

Having said that, they’re on the way to release their first collection of Sleepies in September as well as MVP of the application at the beginning of Q4 this year.

Join them and become part of New Meta

Join theirPrivate Sale in order to be one of their early backers as well as to be among the first ones to receive a Sleepie and join their Beta testing. All relevant information can be found here:

In case of any questions or comments, feel free to contact team members in Discord:


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