Start of New Meta: Sleep to Earn

Sweet Rewards

Daily task examples:

  • Walk at least 3 000 steps;
  • Run 1 mile;
  • Go for a 45 minutes walk;
  • Have a swim;
  • Have a gym session;
  • Burn at least 1 200 calories;
  • Etc.

Their road so far

WeSleep team overview:

  • Strong group of Co-Founders who have successfully launched previous crypto projects within DeFi and NFT space;
  • Experienced marketing and community managers who are deeply involved and well connected in Solana community;
  • Application development and design team, which has tens of successful app releases within past 7 years;
  • Frontend and backend development team, which has en extensive experience while working with platforms, applications, databases and smart contracts;
  • NFT designer who is recently voted to be a TOP 7 NFT designer in the space (voted on );
  • Experienced and well connected advisors who are deeply involved in NFT projects, such as VeeFriends.

Development traction:

  • Application design is ready;
  • First collection of 10 000 Sleepies is ready and waiting to be minted in September;
  • Both: $ZZZ and $WEZ tokens are prepared and already live on chain;
  • Application backend architecture is ready and being programmed by their experienced development team.

Join them and become part of New Meta

Join the WeSleep Community

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