Sin City Land Whitelist: Results!

Congrualtions to Whitelist participants!

Congratulations, you’ve been successful!!

After the unprecedented demand for their staking pools, they’re now able to publish the result of the Whitelist for the upcoming land Sale, on the 27th December 2021.

There are three tabs contained in the google-sheet above, depending on which pool you’ve staked in (either Single Staking, San Andreas or Vice City). You will be able to ascertain how many plots of land you have successfully been awarded to purchase by searching for your wallet address (use Ctrl + F — and search for your address in each tab or if on a mobile use the ‘find and replace’ function found in the menu)

Find your address by using the filter, or the ‘find and replace’ option. Check each tab in the google sheet.

  • Note, where possible they’ve rounded up the parcels of land users are eligible for.
  • Gold NFT owners will have a separate details released.

Got a query or question?

If you feel there’s been a miscalculation, or cannot find your address please contact @BitcoinCashSingh from Telegram to discuss. Alternatively, e-mail with your details.

Do note, you only have until the 23rd December to submit your query as they will be loading the whitelist addresses into their marketplace shortly.

I was unsuccessful in the whitelist, what do I do?

They will be releasing a limited number of public sale land parcels. Approximately 33% of the amount available for whitelist participants will go on public sale. Even if you are successful in the whitelist, you can still buy unlimited amounts in the public sale, but this will be priced at a 25% premium.

What districts & price?

A crypto favourite — coming soon!

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