Sin City 101: Gameplay Fundamentals

5 min readDec 3, 2021


Become Rich. Become Infamous. Become a Kingpin.

Imagine a world where you can not only build the empire of your dreams but earn cryptocurrency at the same time.

Forget about fancy castles and kingdoms in the sky. In this metaverse, you can pledge your allegiance to a criminal faction or build your own gang from the ground up and become the ultimate kingpin.

Create or join a faction, it’s time to become a Kingpin

You can even cruise through districts and go into battle with rival groups in security zones where there are no rules. In these areas, NFT’s can be won or lost depending on if you’re the one left standing or not.

You don’t have to imagine this world any longer. Your own R-Rated Metaverse is coming, and it’s called Sin City.

Build Your Empire and Become the Ultimate Kingpin

In Sin City, you can choose what type of criminal protagonist you want to be. A great way to start if you’re new to the Metaverse is by joining an established faction. It’s like becoming a member of a guild. You’ll team up with other players who can show you around Sin City and how the play-to-earn mechanics work.

You can build your own empire by purchasing digital real estate within the Metaverse, which is mostly land. Once you’ve obtained some assets, you can create your own faction. Starting your own gang enhances your earning ability and puts you on your path to becoming a kingpin within the Metaverse. But with reward comes great risk, there’s always a bigger boss emerging.

The Power of Factions

Whether you’re joining an existing group or creating your own one, factions possess a lot of power within Sin City.

Anyone can join a faction. To demonstrate your allegiance, you will need to buy into it. You will have to contribute a small amount of your SIN token as a mandatory tax. The more powerful the faction is in Sin City, the higher the tax. However, the bigger they are, the more influence and power it has over a district and therefore, presents great rewards for players joining such a faction.

The bigger the faction, the more powerful they are…

The purpose of a faction is not just to protect the group’s resources but also to claim new ones from rival gangs and other districts. It could be smuggled narcotics, high-end jewelry, and, of course, money stolen from the safe of the biggest bank in town. These items improve your character’s statistics, including health, stamina, and focus. As these attributes increase, you’ll become a stronger force to reckon with in Sin City.

You can communicate with your faction members within private text chats. No one outside of your group will be able to see them. But that doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe. Remember, you’re part of a criminal underground. Don’t be surprised to find spies and traitors within your team that will turn on everyone the first chance they get.

Exploring the World of Sin City

There are 17 different districts within Sin City to play in. Each one has its own unique characteristics and resources for you to obtain that can improve your character’s statistics and earn the SIN token. Landowners in these districts also benefit as these areas are farmed to extract in-game items.

One feature to look out for is security zones. This determines the level of gameplay and risk involved within each of the districts.

A high-security safe zone allows you to roam around freely. You can’t be attacked by other players. If you are, expect authorities to show up in the blink of an eye to protect you and lock up the offender. While it’s a low-risk area, the rewards are also minimal here.

In a low-security zone, it’s the factions and gangs that control these spaces. They won’t protect the entire region, just their territory. Other groups can try and take over the stronghold but don’t expect it to be a cakewalk. It will be a brutal affair. As the risks are more moderate in these districts, the rewards are also higher compared to the high-security safe zone.

There are also zero security zones. There are no rules. There are no laws. It’s just one big battleground. Expect to see gang wars in every direction as players fight to protect their NFTs and pick the pockets of the players they’ve taken down. It’s a high-risk area, but the rewards are plentiful if you’re game enough to step foot here.

A Kingpin Needs a Headquarters

Your faction’s headquarters can only be established in low-security districts to always ensure it’s protected. It’s also the place where you’ll conduct business for land deals.

Anyone who owns land in Sin City can produce vital resources and base materials such as coca plants or animal leathers that can be used to create apparel. You can also rent land to other players in return for staking rewards of the SIN token.

Some of the reosurces you will require

Your headquarters even allows you to construct strategies. You’ll have the best view of the city to determine which factions are vulnerable and where to attack next to earn rewards. For the creative kingpins, mini-games can also be introduced by using the API and SDK kits the developers have provided. It’s an exciting way to showcase your own projects to a large, thriving, and passionate community.

Of course, even for in-game items. If you don’t fancy being apart of a gang, you will have the tools made available to sell in-game items such as trendy clothing from your designer store in the fashion district.

When Can You Enter Sin City?

Development of Sin City is underway, and a number of big reveals and trailers are scheduled to be released shortly. For now, you can stay up to date with all the latest information on this R-Rated Metaverse project on the Sin City website, as well as following along on their Telegram, YouTube, and Twitter social media channels.

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