Sheesha Finance Token Distribution: Alluo

What Do You Gain from Their Partnership with Alluo?

  1. Rented liquidity: while the protocol incentivises a “Pool 2,” such as a ProtocolToken-ETH pair on Uniswap, with considerable rewards, the liquidity disappears as the rewards disappear. There is very little alignment between the liquidity suppliers and the protocol itself.
  2. Protocol-owned liquidity occurs when the protocol issues bonds in which users deposit Uniswap or Balancer LPs in exchange for a discounted protocol token (the most famous example being Olympus). Because of the necessity for liquidity, a huge number of protocol tokens must be emitted in order to build up a large enough LP position; to combat this inflation, stakers are paid a high APY with continuing rebases.

Alluo’s solution is:

  1. Sustainable: It does not necessitate the issuance of a large number of tokens in order to supply large quantities of liquidity.
  2. In accordance with the protocol: Liquidity providers, for example, aren’t just passively farming the reward token; they’re also actively involved.
  3. Black swan resistant: i.e., where liquidity can be accessible when Alluo requires it.
  • DeFi enthusiasts who wish to take an active role in liquidity management
  • Other DeFi protocols in need of liquidity
  • And users of the Alluo mobile app

How to Participate in Sheesha Staking

Why Stake with Sheesha?



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