Sheesha Finance Strategic Partner: Crypto Oasis Sentio

Sheesha Finance is proud to partner with Crypto Oasis Sentio in an effort to further strengthen and enhance their network of advisors within the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

What Is Crypto Oasis Sentio?

Crypto Oasis Sentio is the ecosystem investment structure of Crypto Oasis, based in the UAE. The ecosystem currently consists of 1,500+ investors, crypto projects, institutes & research teams. With plans to grow the ecosystem even more before the end of 2022 by adding organisations that share similar visions and perspectives of the crypto space.

It’s this shared vision to grow the blockchain industry within the region that makes their partnership with Crypto Oasis Sentio so significant to both of their organisations.

Crypto Oasis’ 6 stakeholders. Image via

Some of its partnerships include Draper Goren Holm and Woodstock Fund to name a few.

Co-founded and managed by Saqr Ereiqat, Crypto Oasis Sentio invests in early-stage (ideation stage, pre and post-launch) token projects and support companies setting up in the UAE. Its current portfolio consists of 15 investments, 6 of which have been set up in the UAE post-partnership with Crypto Oasis Sentio.

It’s also recently announced plans to invest $10M in UAE-based blockchain startups, showing its strong commitment to the region’s crypto prospects.

A Word From Their Founder

“I am very proud of Sheesha Finance’s partnership with Crypto Oasis Sentio. Not only because both major entities are from the UAE, but also because of their shared determination to grow into truly global blockchain-centric institutions. I have no doubt that their partnership is a major step towards achieving this and I’m excited at what the future holds.” — Sheesha Finance CEO, Saeed Al Darmaki

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