Presenting Point Network at the Web3 Conference

2 min readSep 5, 2022

Dear Community,

Point Network is thrilled to share that their Co-Founder and CEO will have the honor of speaking at the first Web3 Conference next week.

The Conference

The event will explore the future capabilities of Web 3.0, and how it’s designed to free the internet from censorship, mass surveillance, and spawn a virtual economy spanning many different blockchains. Over the course of two days, there will be a discussion around the impact of this technological revolution, as well as the industrial and societal transformations it should bring.

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The Talk

Follow the website updates to get the confirmation on the start time

Serge’s presentation will cover how despite numerous efforts to build parts of the decentralized internet, it is obvious we are not quite there yet. We still rely on centralized domains, cloud storage and browser extensions that can be taken away or compromised.

Serge will present Point Network as the proposed new standard that brings all the pieces together and decentralizes the whole tech stack, with decentralized domains, decentralized storage, and decentralized identities.

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