Point Network: May ’22 Summary & Announcements

4 min readMay 31, 2022


While the crypto industry has been dealing with much discouraging news over the past few weeks, we have been fully focused on our mission, without getting overly distracted.

Point Network has a lot of updates, so let’s get right to them.

New, everything new

They have for you:

  • New Website
  • New Point Network release
  • Twitter Oracle
  • Updated Roadmap
  • Updated Whitepaper
  • Point’s Mega Bounty Campaign! (you have to stay for this one!)
  • Presenting at TheNextWeb conference in Amsterdam, June 16–17, 2022

Now let’s go through them in detail.

New Website

Thanks to our kickass full-stack engineer with a designer’s eye Juan Mejia, Point Network website has gotten a fresh new look, check it out:


The messaging is now more clear, instead of sending people to Github we have a gorgeous Download page, and our team is listed on the About page.

New Point Network release

They have been working on new alpha releases of Point Core, Point Dashboard, and also Point Mail, Point Social and other dApps, and the QA team has been rigorously testing them.

The latest Point Installer is v0.2.21. Make sure to update, and enjoy the latest features, speed improvement, and compatibility with new dApps!

You can download and test it here: https://pointnetwork.io/download

Twitter Oracle

Their Twitter oracle is now connected to the testnet. What does it mean?

They wanted to solve the problem that plagues many decentralized identity & domain systems: cybersquatters registering a lot of handles of celebrities and companies in the hopes to sell them later for a lot of money.

So, they decided that in the first 6 months since the network starts, if a handle is on Twitter, they give that Twitter user a chance to claim it by posting an activation tweet. But they didn’t block anyone else: if someone doesn’t have Twitter or is banned, they can simply choose any other handle that doesn’t exist on Twitter and continue enjoying Web3.

After 6 months, the oracle will be disconnected and anyone would be able to grab any handle that hasn’t been registered.

So if you see a lot of tweets with activation codes mentioning Point Network, you know what this means.

Updated Roadmap

See changes on https://roadmap.pointnetwork.io

Updated Whitepaper

See the changes here: https://pointnetwork.io/link/whitepaper

Point’s Mega Bounty Campaign!

A lot of people have been asking Point Network about their POINT token (the token that will power their mainnet version of the network and will launch soon), and they get many messages about it every few days.

Launching a network and a token is a task that requires a lot of responsibility and deliberation, because of the nature of distributed systems — it’s hard to change a peer-to-peer network once it starts running. On top of that, with crypto markets bleeding, acquiring new tokens is really not on top of everyone’s minds right now.

But their community keeps asking them about it, so here goes: POINT tokens cannot be bought yet, but they can already be earned with their Bounty Program. It’s a chance for you to:

  • participate in the historical early days of Point
  • help web3 achieve a critical mass of early adopters
  • and earn POINT while doing it.

Visit the Bounty Program website for more information: https://bounty.pointnetwork.io/

Presenting at TheNextWeb conference

Point Network will be present at the TNW conference in Amsterdam, June 16–17, 2022. They are very excited to share that they have applied as a growth-stage startup to do a presentation to a wide audience of people and VC funds. This also means that if you are at the conference, you´ll have the chance to visit us in the startup area.

The TNW Conference this year will host the main keynote by Edward Snowden and Gavin Wood among others. During the conference, many discussions will be hosted around Web3 and its future. Also, they are looking forward to experiencing many networking opportunities to connect with other projects and organizations that could partner with them and enrich their project.

Growth Mode Activated

Thank you for your continuous support! Right now they’re focused on growing the number of users and spreading the word, and they will really appreciate your help. This will energize their team to work even harder at making the first-ever real Web 3.0 launch successful.

Enjoy being early at Web3!

Find them at www.pointnetwork.io

Join their Telegram at: https://t.me/pointnetworkchat

Join their Discord at: https://pointnetwork.io/discord

Follow them on Twitter and Medium