Point Network is Launching!

1 min readSep 21, 2022

World’s First Full
Web 3.0 Architecture

Most “decentralized” apps and “web3” projects are not decentralized. They still rely on centralized domains, storage and browser extensions, all of which can be censored and hacked.

Point Network decentralizes everything, becoming the first ever full web3 implementation. See for yourself and enjoy the web3 experience!

What is Point Network

Tor, Bittorrent, Bitcoin, Ethereum — all these projects were stepping stones on the way to the Holy Grail — decentralized internet, also known as web 3.0. Open for everyone, censorship-resistant, permissionless, privacy-oriented internet with programmable money built right in.

There are many projects calling themselves “web3”, but they still use:
• centralized domains which can be taken away by domain registrars
• centralized storage which can and does get censored by cloud providers
• and browser extensions like Metamask which can be pulled by Google at any moment.

Point Labs has invented and built Point Network, the first of its kind network which decentralizes every major component of the legacy internet: decentralized domains, decentralized storage, decentralized identities. Which makes this architecture the only network deserving to be called “web3”, fulfilling the dream of a fully decentralized internet.

Point Network invites you to learn about how they do this, try the alpha, and explore why everyone should migrate to this next generation of the internet.