Point Network Bounty Campaign

What is Point Network ?

World’s First Full Web 3.0 Architecture — Most “decentralized” apps and “web3” projects are not decentralized. Point Network decentralizes everything, becoming the first ever full web3 implementation. They have invented and built Point Network, the first of its kind network which decentralizes every major component of the legacy internet: decentralized domains, decentralized storage, decentralized identities. Which makes this architecture the only network deserving to be called “web3”, fulfilling the dream of a fully decentralized internet.

What is the Bounty Program ?

It’s a chance for you to:

  • participate in the historical early days of Point
  • help web3 achieve a critical mass of early adopters
  • and earn POINT (the token that will power our web3 network and will launch soon) while doing it

What Should I do to Participate?

After you sign up, there are several “quests” that will be unlocked:

  1. Talk about Point Network on social media and share the referral link you will generate.

For each person that downloads Point Browser and registers a web3 handle you will receive:
+15 POINT per 1 user registered with Twitter verification
+1.5 POINT per 1 user registered without Twitter verification

2. Just sharing the link on Twitter, gets you:

If you have 1 follower, you will receive +0.221 POINTs and up to 10,000,000 followers — +70000 POINTs.

Guide how to do it :

  1. Go to main page or to referral link, if you want to support me.

2. Click on the Point Bounty program:

3. Then you go to this page and click on sign up:

4. Then you redirect to your main page, where you can see your referral link and all the available function on the left of the screen.

5. Top 1000 will receive Point NFTs, which provide you with the different benefits. Leaderboard coming soon:

6. Click on Quest button and you can see all the quest available for you. It’s only 2 at this moment:

  1. Share the link on Twitter. With template of the message and verification at the bottom, where you should add the URL.

2. Encourage people to try it out. Your referral link, 15 points for each registration with Twitter verification and 1.5 without it.

3. More quest coming !

4. But don’t cheat, it has very strict rules, and you will be disqualified if you violate it!

In the next articles, I will explain how to take part in testnet and more about this project, so stay tuned!



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