Play & Earn NFT Game — Buy and Defend Your Land!

ManuFactory is a new play-and-earn, NFT-based pixel art land and construction game hosted on the BNB Chain. In the game, players can own different types of lands, collect minerals, build collection systems, and fortify their defenses to protect their NFT assets. Players can also visit other players’ lands and help them kill monsters, collect resources, and expand their build-outs.

Features & GamePlay

The art style of ManuFactory is super cool. It almost reminds me of a pixel version of Starcraft or Terraria.

Within ManuFactory, there are three lands: Ashen Lands, Fallen Lands, and Harvest Enterprise Lands. Each land type is given to players at random through Land Treasure Chests. Each land type has a different amount of minerals and resources available.

There are also different monsters (Delta, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, and Queen) that players must fight off to defend their land. Monsters have randomly-generated attacks that can disable player assets. Once a player levels up, they can learn to control monsters and fight them, but be careful because monsters can also evolve over time to overcome your skills. The game also supports different types of assets that players can use to defend themselves, including different weapon types, ammo, collectibles, and tradeables, all of which can be found here.

There’s also talk of the developers adding a nuke button in case of emergencies.

Play-to-Earn with ManuFactory

Throughout the game, players can earn two different BNB tokens, and exchange minerals for $Factory coins, which can be turned into Manufactory ($MNFT) tokens. $MNFT is listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and PooCoin, and is available for purchase on ApeSwap, PancakeSwap, and Nearpad.

$MNFT is a deflationary governance token, which means that tokens are burned monthly. Players are able to withdraw their $MNFT rewards from the game every 14 days.

Players can also utilize the Loot Staking feature to earn additional rewards. By staking more $MNFT tokens, players can build up their stacks and increase their chances of receiving more rewards. All rewards earned from Loot Staking can then be used in the game or sold in the NFT Marketplace.

There’s also talk of the developers releasing future games within the ManuFactory universe that will allow players to transfer and generate additional $MNFT tokens.

Looking at the tokenomics of $MNFT, 30% goes to play-to-earn, and 20% goes to the reserves. They also invest about 10% into their community and marketing, and an additional 10% goes to their team and advisors.

The Public Sale

The first public land sale phase is launching on April 19 and will last 48 hours. The second phase will launch at the end of April. At the conclusion of the second phase, the marketplace will be launched, as well as a minting button for inventory items and additional lands. After the marketplace release, all assets will be tradeable on the blockchain as NFTs.

If you’re interested in this game, you don’t have to wait until the launch. $MNFT tokens are can be purchased prior to the game being released. Purchasing and staking tokens now allows users to get a head start and build up their rewards once the game is live.

Meet The Team

The team behind ManuFactory is doxed, and you can find their information linked out on their website. They appear to have twenty team members with varying backgrounds in Development, Data Science, and Digital Art.

ManuFactory has a pretty active Discord, as well as a Medium account that has a bunch of resources for players including guides on how to buy land, and how to stake your NFTs.

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