PHAVER — Providing a decentralized Web3 share-to-earn social platform.

2 min readAug 12, 2022


Web3 enables shared ownership and rewarding actual contributions. On Phaver you help others by sharing your best recommendations and get rewarded with tokens and DAO ownership. Join communities around your interests and collect the best things together.


Many of today’s most popular social networks monetize the profit and ownership of content generated by their users without their explicit knowledge and consent.


The Phaver app aims to provide the most relevant feed on your phone by rewarding users in a gamified way for sharing the best content they discover online or produce themselves. The Phaver app allows users to own their content and profiles, and natively monetize these with a token rewards system.

Phaver is not fueled by advertisement and inherent addictiveness, but based on an incentive system that builds on shared ownership and value creation. Phaver’s mission is to onboard the next billion people to Web3 by combining the best parts of old and new social solutions.


The Phaver app has more than 50,000 users of the platform and is involved in numerous brand collaborations.


The Phaver team has extensive experience in social media, E-com and blockchain both from a tech and business perspective. The team members have previously worked for Goldman Sachs, Google, the first crypto exchange in Finland and various other Web3 companies.


Phaver is the first mobile app that is live on the Lens Social Protocol, which was launched in May 2022, and hailed as a game changer by industry experts. Phaver is a first mover on Web3, where new platforms are already hitting market caps above those of original Web2 giants.


Founder Tomi Fyrquist brings extensive knowledge about the Asian markets, with previous experience from Alibaba.

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