Phaver — Decentralized app with crypto rewards

Web3 enables shared ownership and rewarding actual contributions. On Phaver you help others by sharing your best recommendations and get rewarded with tokens and DAO ownership. Join communities around your interests and collect the best things together.

Joonatan Lintala — CEO & Founder Phaver

Joonatan Lintala said:

We all love genuine recommendations but they can be very hard to find. Someone gave a great tip over lunch or Insta but it’s gone forever by the time you actually need it. We got tired of buying crappy products from fancy ads and spending hours scrolling generic 4 star reviews on Yelp for restaurants so we started Phaver to fix this. Great recommendations should also be rewarded, and not in the old world way where brands buy endorsements and it’s hard to tell which ones are genuine. Web3 now enables the play-to-earn model trending in games to reward people for actually helping each other as well as the environment by enabling higher quality purchases. 🚀 The Phaver DAO also allows flexibly sharing ownership with and giving decision power to active users, so we can truly collect the best things together. We have two tokens that power the reward system: ✅ Utility tokens allow users to redeem products from partner brands who want to reach active and influential users. ✅ Governance tokens bring users into the DAO to vote on features etc. and also get rich if the platform and tokens grow enough over time. The recommendations happen in user-hosted communities so you can curate your own experience and compare notes with like-minded people on any topic you’re passionate about. The current version uses points that will be converted to ERC20 tokens upon rollout — so any contributions you make now give a lot more points than after public launch. They can also be already redeemed for gift cards in our pilot Points Store. 📱 Phaver app is now available globally in App Store and Google Play

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