NFTrade and ShopNEXT to Launch NFT Farm for Shop-to-Earn Participants

At NFTrade, we are constantly working to bring more value to innovative projects, and with our latest partnership with ShopNEXT, this is exactly what we are doing. We are happy to announce our partnership with ShopNEXT, a shop-to-earn shopping platform, to introduce a NFT farm for their native $NEXT token, as well as facilitate buying, selling, and p2p swapping for all of their users’ NFT needs.

The $NEXT NFT Farm

In this upcoming farm, ShopNEXT users will be able to stake their tokens within the NFT farm to earn exclusive collectible and/or utility-focused NFTs. Following this implementation, not only will users be able to earn $NEXT through ShopNEXT’s shop-to-earn platform, but they can then also stake their earned $NEXT to optimize their rewards even further! By creating even more value for the $NEXT token ecosystem, we can further strengthen the ShopNEXT platform, bringing additional value to all users involved.

As ShopNEXT gets more involved in the metaverse and NFT gaming spaces, where their users will have room to flourish and gain, we expect the $NEXT NFT farm to be a pivotal part of the platform’s growth and value proposition. This is just the beginning of our strategic partnership with ShopNEXT, with additional implementations and collaboration planned for down the line.

When asked about their thoughts on the partnership, Linh Le, ShopNEXT’s CEO, commented, “We are very excited about the limitless possibility of Metaverse. ShopNEXT believes the strategic partnership with NFTrade will open the gateway for our users to possess a variety of NFTs on different blockchain platforms easily”.

Ori Levi, NFTrade’s co-founder and CEO, also had some remarks about the partnership, stating, “Shop-to-earn is an exciting and novel mechanism that rewards users in a whole new way. We are happy to work together with ShopNEXT to introduce their community to a seamless way to buy, sell, and p2p swap their NFTs, as well as work with ShopNEXT to introduce additional value-adding features to their community”.

About NFTrade

NFTrade is the first cross-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform. We are an aggregator of all NFT marketplaces and host the complete NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell, swap, farm, and leverage NFTs across different blockchains. Using NFTrade, anyone can gain access to the entirety of their NFT, unlocking the total value of the NFT market.

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About ShopNEXT

ShopNEXT is a Shop-To-Earn Crypto Onboarding Platform promoted by Binance. We onboard new-to-crypto users by rewarding them free crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, USDT) when shopping at ShopNEXT partners.

In addition, for every shopping transaction, ShopNEXT also rewards users extra NEXT, the cryptocurrency issued by ShopNEXT. Users can sell NEXT on the DEX and CEX exchanges to make money. This is the first-ever Shop-To-Earn model ShopNEXT wants to build up.

ShopNEXT is backed by Shopiness, the top cashback platform in VietNam. Shopiness currently has 700.000 users and 100.000 MAU, who generate $4M GMV from 1M transactions monthly. ShopNEXT has already partnered with more than 600 local and global merchant brands such as: Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, Adidas,, etc.




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