Neon Punks Mint in July: Here’s What You Need to Know

3 min readMay 31, 2023

These aren’t just NFTs; they’re keys to a web3 gaming-focused blockchain ecosystem, and they’re about to make a grand entrance!

As the inaugural series on the Neon Link blockchain (Mainnet Alpha), it’s set to make waves in the crypto space.

Mint Details

Mark your calendars for 7th July to 14th July 2023 — the official “Mint Date” for the Neon Punk collection.

Absolutely FREE! All you need is a wallet like MetaMask or TrustWallet.

The action takes place on the official site for the Neon Punks mint. Keep an eye out as NEON team release the link closer to the Mint Date. Remember, always verify that you’re using official and trusted sites before connecting your web3 wallets.

Who’s in?
Only those who are on the ‘whitelist’ will have the golden ticket to mint during the Mint Date. But don’t worry if you’re not on the whitelist — they might have a small allocation for you to try your hand at minting a Punk.

Remember, this is your last week to enter 1,000 WL spot giveaway, powered by Galxe. Click here for a direct link to the Galxe competition. They’ve extended the competition for one last chance for you to get involved — ability to enter the giveaway will end at the end of this weekend and the winners will be selected shortly after.

Over 1,300 have entered the competition already. The probability of winning is high — get involved today. It’s free.

Whitelist Categories:

They have three main categories of whitelists, each with their own allocations — ie what you will be entitled to mint during the ‘Mint Date’.

Standard Whitelist

Criteria: Earned through giveaways and competitions.

Allocation: Mint 1x Neon Punk (Level 1) during the mint date.

Presale Participants Whitelist

Criteria: Those who participated in the presale with at least ~$100 cumulative purchases of NEON.

Allocation: Mint 2x Neon Punk (Level 2) and 2x Neon Punk (level 1) during the mint date

EVM Sale Whitelist

Criteria: Anyone who purchases NEON in the EVM sale with at least ~$100 cumulative purchase of NEON.

Allocation: Mint 1x Neon Punk (Level 2) and 2x Neon Punk (level 1) during the mint date

Please note, levels refer to the rarity and utility of the Neon Punks. The levelling system is intended to go up to level 3, at least initially. More details will be shared on this as we get closer to the Mint date.

Furthermore, NeonLink is considering banding within the Whitelist Categories to increase accessibility to the collection. For example those who participated in the presale but only purchased between $20-$100 of NEON are whitelisted but can mint 1x Level 2 and 1x Level 1 Neon Punk (50% of what those fully eligible can get).

Final Note to Read

The total supply for the collection is to be confirmed. The team will not participate in the mint with the community. However, Neon Link will mint 5–10% of the total minted Neon Punks by the community. This allocation will be reserved for team allocation, future community events, partnerships, and further development. Once the Mint concludes on 14th July, the team will know the exact number of Neon Punks minted. Neon Link will then mint an additional number of Neon Punks equivalent to 10% of the total Punks minted by the community. For instance, if 10,000 Neon Punks are minted, we’ll mint another 1000, bringing the total supply to 11000.

Stay tuned, Punks!