NEON public token sale SOON! Neon Saga: Setting, Story & Card Preview

3 min readJun 26, 2023


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In Neon Saga, players take on the role of Collectors, powerful beings that are capable of transcending time and space, crossing the multiverse. Collectors seek to defeat their rivals and amass the rarest artifacts and strongest creatures for battle.

Whilst Collectors may trade with each other, ultimately they compete in tournaments to prove their superiority over each other.

Creatures across the multiverse dream about being collected and ascending to new realms of reality, forming a symbiotic relationship with their collector and striving to win many victories for them in a plane of existence that few have access to, and fewer understand.

The Lore

Gnawing at the edges of the multiverse, a forgotten malevolence hungrily eyes hundreds of worlds as the cycle of Collection continues, unabated.

The Collectors, powerful beings capable of transcending time and space constantly war for dominance rather than uniting, their desire for glory trumping that of survival.

From the greatest monster to the lowliest beast, every living thing in the multiverse is united by the dream of being Collected, and ascending to a new realm of reality.

Unbeknownst to these beings, proving their worthiness through competitive battle against rival Collectors and their Collections is keeping the malevolence at bay, and protecting the multiverse from oblivion…


Inarus will miss her sisters. She will miss the waves and the oceans of her world, and the singing of the seabirds.

Most of all, she will miss mortality.

She has always known the Collector would come for her, and watches now as the sky splits open in golden rays, and a great hand reaches down to grab her; she reaches back, ready for the eternity of battle that awaits her.

As she rises into the next plane of being, she looks back only once.


The Collector has searched long and hard, visiting over a dozen planets in the last solar cycle alone, seeking a glorious addition to his hard-won Collection. A planet of trees and leaves had caught his attention.

A great figure stands before the gates of a mighty vault, carved from the mountainside.

The bodies of a hundred challengers lay before him as he stands stoic and silent.

“Yes,” the Collector thinks to himself, “Oh, yes,” as he tears from his realm and into the Warden’s with fingers that control so many fates, now with the final piece to add to his Collection.

He cares not for what is behind the door the Warden has guarded for 10,000 years.

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