$MNFT Staking: Frequently Asked Questions

3 min readApr 4, 2022


How to Stake $MNFT?:

Stake Here: https://manufactory.gg/staking

Staking tutorial: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/905167232521367582/943973329092612266/how_to_stake_MNFT.mp4

Staking Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Staking work?

Depending on which Tier of staking you reach (see the table attached), you get a daily % chance of winning a loot box. For every day that passes, your % chance for the next day increases by the same percent.

For example, if you’re staking 5000 $MNFT, which is enough for Tier 2, you will obtain 1.00% every day that you don’t win a loot box. That means, after 3 days of not winning a loot box you would have accumulated a 3.00% stack for the 4th day, and keep increasing the percent until you win.

Once you win a loot box, you will see the item in your inventory, and the % stack will be reset.

What network is $MNFT staking on?


Date release for staking through the Aurora network is still to be confirmed.

Can I stake using mobile Metamask?

Yes, it’s possible. But, they still recommend users to stake using the Metamask plugin on PC.

Is there a maximum or minimum amount a user can stake?

The minimum staking amount for Tier 1 is 3000 $MNFT. If you stake anything below this number, you will not be eligible for loot boxes nor gain any stack % daily.

The maximum staking amount is 100000 $MFNT for tier 10.

$MNFT Staking System

Will the tokens be locked?

The lock-up period is 24 hours, which means a user would be able to claim back their $MNFT at any point after a 24 hours period has passed.

What items can I win through Loot Staking?

Here’s a list of the items and rarities available for Batch 1.0 of Loot Staking. In the future, they may change up the items available through staking (for future Batches) in order to introduce new items or preserve the economic balance of ManuFactory’s marketplace.

Loot Staking Items Batch 1.0

Rarities List

Do I need to unstake and stake again after winning?

No, after winning a loot box you don’t have to perform any additional action, and you will automatically go back to stacking % for your next loot box.

If I win a loot box, when will the item be visible in my inventory?

Users who win a loot box through staking will see the item they won from February 24 onwards.

Is ManuFactory’s staking process audited?

Yes, their staking process was audited by Hashex, you can check it out here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/905167232521367582/943973330631938058/ManuFactory-Staking_audit-report.pdf

Other questions regarding:

Staking tiers, list of reward items and item rarities can be found here: https://manufactory.notion.site/Tokenomics-and-Lootboxes-3b1bd73f53b44d62b1aed605077fe3a8

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