Meet the Neon Punks designers!

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And witness their talent

Read on to learn more about Dino, Reese, Joseph and JD.

About Neon Punks:

Neon Punks are the first NFTs from Neon Link, and a primary part of the Neon Punks Arcade where players will be able to compete with their punks in various games.

Neon Punks will have 40 bases and 160 assets in six colours each, across four levels of rarity, creating a total of over 3000 unique assets!

So board apes have 1 base ( the ape itself ) and 172 possible traits which determine each ape’s rarity.

Compared to one of the most famous NFT collections in the world, this is over 10 times the assets!

Now, let’s meet the designers who have created some of the best NFT Art we’ve ever seen.

Chief Creative Punk

Dino Tomic

“I been in the industry for 15+ years . You meet people along the way and know who’s good for what task . The art world is big, but art world with amazing artists is super small .” — Dino Tomic, Chief Creative Punk

Dino has assembled a team of amazing artistic talent to help create the Neon Punks.

Design Punks

Reese Keefe

Reese is a Character Designer and has a Bachelors Degree in Illustration from the prestigious California College of the Arts. He has an impressive portfolio of character and creature design that you can view using the link above.He has also very kindly sent us some answers to questions we asked him so that our audience can learn more about the project from his perspective.

1. What inspired you to work on Neon Punks?
I think just up and coming technologies really allowed me to expand on what the modern take on sci-fi would looks like. Finding new ways of implementing 3d and photo bashing textures to create cool new visuals.

2. What was the most challenging thing about this project?
I think organizing and arranging all the assets to be prepped for randomizing. Organizing 150gb of .pngs was difficult to keep working and then having to search for any mistakes took time and a lot of trial and error. In the end we had under 3000 assets and had them all ready and uploaded.

3. What’s your favourite aspect of the Neon Punk collection?

The design and the world. I love cyberpunk and seeing what that could be like in a few 100 more years was a cool image. I love that parallel with the street thug look vs the higher vested upper class and police.

Joseph Wong

Hailing from the US, Joseph Wong is a Concept Artist and Character Designer at Magna Ludum Creatives, the global network for game artists.

1. What inspired you to work on Neon Punks?
From the very beginning, I loved the concept behind the universe we were going to create — I love working with characters and I’m simply a big fan of the theme! On top of that, as we tackled Neon Punks, the work my teammates produced constantly inspired me to push beyond my comfort zone and explore vastly different ideas per piece. These exciting challenges combined with support from Dino and the team honestly kept me going for the duration of this project.

2. What was the most challenging thing about this project?
The most challenging thing about this project was probably finding ways to make each design unique from one another while staying true to our universe. Especially since we aimed to elevate the concept by providing our audience with multiple phases per design as well, we really needed to nail these variations and make each phase feel epic and desirable. But with that said, I think we did a great job as a team to create a wide range of fun combinations to collect!

3. What’s your favourite aspect of the Neon Punk collection?
My favorite aspect of this collection has to be the phases for each asset. As each of our designs’ “level up” they progressively get more wild and dynamic, and I think that’s pretty sweet.


JD is Lead artist at Bardel Entertainment.

From Peru, JD has been drawing since the late 80s and you can see his incredible portfolio, here.

1. What inspired you to work on Neon Punks?
First of all the project itself, I’ve always loved to be in different, new and challenging projects, and this was my first one with NFTs. I only knew a little about those, but it seems very curious the way how creating different assets we can have a variety of characters. That for me was amazing. Also, the team itself, it was my first time working with Dino, Reese and Joseph, and they were very cool guys to work with!

2. What was the most challenging thing about this project?
I think the most challenging part was to think about new ideas for the assets. At first glance we knew that creating the assets would be a challenge, but in practice it was very hard to think about new colors, new shapes, new ideas that are interesting enough to build new stuff. At the end we find a way to make them interesting and I love that they turn out to be very cool stuff.

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