Meet Ravi Kashyap, Ecosystem and Macroeconomics Advisor

Ravi Kashyap, Ecosystem and Macroeconomics Advisor

As the popular saying goes, it takes an entire village to raise a child, likewise they need all of humanity to get involved to create real consciousness. — Dr. Ravi Kashyap.

This week’s article concludes their multi-week series in which they introduced YOU to the brilliant minds helping to bring Synesis One to fruition. And while they will continue to introduce you to those who are making a huge splash in the Synesis One ecosystem in the future, they’re so glad to have introduced you to those who’ve helped us thus far.

To close out their series, they’re thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Ravi Kashyap, Ecosystem and Macroeconomics Advisor at Synesis One. He is behind the complex mathematical architecture of Synesis One’s Data Yield Farming and Kanon NFT rewards system.


“A central aspect of their lives is uncertainty and their struggle to overcome it. While on the surface uncertainty seems like a huge obstacle, uncertainty is what causes the enormous variation they see around us. Life would be quite mundane without this variation everywhere. Variety is not just the spice of life, variety is life. This means uncertainty is what makes life beautiful,” Dr. Ravi Kashyap tells us.

And it is this level of variety and embracing of uncertainty that has allowed Dr. Kashyap to build a hugely diverse and varied career. His journey into the industry was one that came about- as some of the best things often do- by chance.

Unintended Consequences

“It was mostly happenstance or even serendipitous. I am an engineer from my undergraduate education and my first job was at a financial investment firm. So I had to learn more about economics and finance. This was long before the age of Bitcoin. Later, once I completed my Ph.D in economics, I was focused on doing research and teaching in an academic environment. Many students would bombard me with questions about investing in crypto currencies. I was of course, clueless initially but given the enormous interest I was seeing, I was curious to find out what was afoot. As I began to dig deeper into this realm, I realized the enormous potential and promise it holds. The power of this innovation to transform human interactions is limitless. I have been hooked ever since,” he explains.

Ravi has held a number of roles across the financial services industries, including growing multi-million dollar products. Uncertainty and unintended consequence is the topic of his dissertation, from the City University of Hong Kong. He researches in this area, with a particular focus on optimization and decision making. He holds an MBA and engineering degrees from both NYU and the National Institute of Technology Calicut.

Ravi became involved with Synesis One after knowing founder Joshua Hong for some years. He came on board to assist in developing numerical models for the scores and rewards for participants in the Synesis One ecosystem. It was a natural fit given his significant mathematics background.

“As the popular saying goes, it takes an entire village to raise a child, likewise they need all of humanity to get involved to create real consciousness. Synesis One is the genesis of one very noble ideal, that of pooling together the lessons from the masses or collecting the wisdom of the crowds. How could I not be allured towards this remarkable goal?,” says Ravi.

Crypto and Macro-Economics

Ravi’s background means that he brings a great knowledge and curiosity into the ever changing world of crypto economics and the macro-economics that informs DAOS. DAOs are of course in the early stages of existence but the ambition they represent reflects a human desire for fairness. Which as Ravi remarks, is a very good thing but doesn’t negate conflict:

“When many human participants are involved, conflicts are bound to arise. The key to ensure smooth functioning of these many participant systems are to have ways in which they can dynamically alter the parameters that affect how the system runs. This can be achieved by using a kind of feedback loop. Simply put, in its essence they check the state of the system and the external environment (macro variables, but by no means restricted only to economic indicators) and then see if they need to change how the system is running. This is where the DAO community can and should get involved to ensure that the feedback and governing parameters are carefully chosen.”

Crypto offers a chance for consensus and community that is utterly distinct from traditional financial models.

“Technology is enabling more individuals to more actively participate in decision making rather than simply delegating their responsibilities, such as electing representatives in a democratic government who make the decisions. But now with DAOs, the entire community can vote or be part of the decision making machinery on crucial topics. So it becomes important to understand what the community is or what it should be,” says Ravi.

The Responsibility of Community

He feels confident that Synesis One is moving in the right direction to do this, but that they need to continue to understand the significance of what it means to shape a community. He concludes:

“The fundamental reason they’re building decentralized systems is due to lack of trust. While the many wonderful technological innovations that are happening will provide numerous means to operate in trust-less environments, there might be ways in which any system can be gamed or abused. In the landscape of Synesis One and AI, all of this is all the more important since it is not just about us humans any more. They’re creating something that could be more capable than all of us. With great power comes great responsibility. The way to bring responsibility to anyone or anything is to obliterate artificial boundaries such as human or robot. It is absolutely imperative that they look at this more closely.”

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