ManuFactory Developer Updates — Issue #1

4 min readApr 28, 2022


What is the ManuFactory team working on?

The team is working on many tasks simultaneously. Game developers are currently with all-hands building the game in Unity, to ship as fast and efficiently as they can. The first iteration of the game that you’ll be able to visualize is their PVP version, which we’re set to have a “Vertical Slice” or a short, polished version of the game to show a taste of how it is shaping up by the end of this quarter.

The rest of the team is working alongside Devs to ensure that they gather feedback from both their community and advisors. We’re following the current steps of the roadmap on time, which are growing the community, changing their website to 2.0, changing their whitepaper entirely, working on establishing relationships with partners (which you will see a big update about a new partner this week).

Why have they decided to work together with Near/Aurora?

There are quite a few reasons as to why they took this decision. First is the fact that Aurora is a climate-friendly — carbon neutral platform, meaning that it has a zero or near-zero impact on the environment. This is very important for products such as ours, given the fact that their game will have a high rate of transacting, minting and burning NFTs. Besides that, we’ve been given the opportunity to be the first game to launch in the Aurora blockchain. Aurora is an EVM-compatible network developed by the NEAR protocol, which is in itself one of the largest crypto projects in the world. Being the first game in Aurora places them in a position where they can aim high and set standards for the entire ecosystem. Hence, both Near directly and Aurora are incentivized for them to succeed, as they’re one of the pillars that will define their blockchain’s success in GameFi. Furthermore, their teams have been fully supportive of everything they do, even going as far as adding features to the Aurora blockchain if they need them. Aurora on its own is still in its infancy, yet the team has a clear roadmap that will lead the ecosystem to success, and they want to form a part of that journey.

What is happening behind the scenes?

Besides what you guys see every Friday on Leak days, the team is arduously working on creating a game you’ll all love and enjoy. We’re holding talks with some very influential organizations in the NFT scene to collaborate on and partner with, in order to expand ManuFactory’s presence and reach. Besides this, ManuFactory is currently raising its Series A in order to keep on building the product that everyone is expecting them to deliver. The team is also hiring for a couple of different roles that can all be found on their website.

What happens if not all Lands are sold during this Land Sale?

The NFT GameFi market as a whole has suffered a serious downturn since the January-February market, in which many projects have lost significant sizes of their audiences, their NFT sales have been unsuccessful and/or their projects have simply disappeared.

Their marketing efforts have been affected by the fragile state of the market as well, and they have observed a few changes in the way products are expected to be delivered. We’d like to give their users a bit of ease of mind here by stating what we’re planning to do in case their first land sale is not successful.

First, we’d like to remind you all that the team has funds in place to keep on working on the product until it gets released. If the first sale is not successful (if not more than 70% of the lands are sold), the 2nd sale will be postponed until the product is more developed.

What does this mean exactly? It means that they will shift their marketing efforts entirely, and focus on product-based marketing. This will represent a major change to the way they currently drive things from concept to product-based marketing. Product-based marketing would demand them to show more of their product development, focus all efforts on having people try out their game first hand and then showcase it all through marketing.

This would also mean that certain things on the roadmap would be delayed until the product has been developed more and they developers have more to show to the community. However, their web development team has been working to release more and more incentives to keep their token holders happy and provide utility until the product reaches maturity.

What does the new roadmap look like?

We’re still on time in most of the deliverables, however, one delay tends to lead to a domino effect, creating more delays around the table. As of now, the team has been working together for a few months and is feeling like a cohesive unit, meaning that the train of work is currently at full momentum and some things could ship faster than expected. Their current roadmap is visible here. It has been updated to represent the latest things we’re working on at the moment. However, this roadmap will be updated together with their Whitepaper 2.0 and it will contain more details than the one you currently visualize there.

Final Line of Thoughts

The team is working at full-motion, the product is being built at an increasingly faster rate, and they aim to deliver every promise we’ve made to their community promptly. They’re confident that the quality of their deliverables will meet their community’s expectations and will make the wait worth it. Thank you for supporting ManuFactory, they look forward to seeing you benefit from the utilities they will soon provide to all token holders, both in BSC and Aurora.

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