ManuFactory Developer Updates — Bi-Weekly, Issue #2

What is the business and marketing team focusing on now?

  • They’re negotiating new partnerships with other blockchain games, guilds, VCs, etc.
  • A new demo of the game will be finished this week to show investors and also aid with partnership deals.
  • They’re creating a calendar with new activities to engage with you, their community. Including ManuFactory-related and other a little more off-topic ones. They’re excited to share this with all of you, so stay tuned!
  • They’re working on a presentation to introduce ManuFactory at a Blockchain Game Alliance event, where their CEO, Jean Curcio, will be the speaker. More updates regarding this will come in the following days.

What else is happening behind the scenes?

  • They have a new litepaper! Soon they will be sharing it with you, in the meantime, here is a sneak peek.
  • The developer team has made major advancements in creating the in-game skills for the engineers, polished melee and ranged weapons shooting animations, implemented a new POV camera for the players that makes the gameplay look smoother, among other things.
  • The web developer team keeps working hard on polishing the marketplace, wallet integration with Aurora, land minting + land staking, the website version 2.0, in addition to other things.

Team’s Internal Organization

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