(LOST) World Creators Program — gNFT Artist Contest

How it Works


Voting Logistics

  • Each voting round is posted & pinned in the discord announcements channel
  • Voting rounds will also be posted & pinned in general and in each Continents channel
  • At the end of each voting period the total scores will be tallied and we will advance to the next round
  1. Theme & Location Vote (3 days)
  2. Artist Submissions (10 Days)
  3. Final Community Votes ( 2 days)
  1. Creativity — Uniqueness and Skill
  2. Location — Is this drop going to be accessible to people, and or is it an interesting place to drop an NFT
  3. Popularity — Are people excited about what your work
  • Submissions will be made in an Artist Submissions / Contest Submissions channel in discord, submissions will be accepted via twitter, but those creators will need to enter the Lost Worlds discord in order to showcase and present their work to the community and earn their creators role.
  • All designs must follow the theme guidelines, including design specs, and file types. Outside of the brief creators are given free reign to express themselves.



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