Lootverse News Network

LootNFT bring to you Lootverse News Network ( LNN)…a channel for all Lootizens to keep to date with the latest happenings in Lootverse. Their new chat show aspires to bring all real-time content from their world to yours.

They cover news across all of their realms: The great empire, Isle of Fund, Kingdom of X by SL, Royaume De Satoshi, and HABN Island. From their innovative creators to simple daily news, they’re covering it all and then some.

Their launch took off to a great start, as their host, Jailesh from 4IR NFT had a chat with Jaya Javeri, India, who created the NFT titled “Light” that sold for 136,287 BUN (USDC 10,147.14). Jaya shed some light ( No pun intended) surrounding her beautiful idyllic abstract. They remember the havoc in the battle pit over this piece, so it’s exciting to hear the story behind it. The portal to this chat show can be accessed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEeAdTBdbwk&t=93s

More discussions with the creators that help power their world can be found here as well


In other news, the Lootizens and creators continue to amaze us. Yuliya Loginowski sold her creation titled Stardust Dreams this past week for 233,226 BUN (USDC 18,456.41). Not only is her creation the highest valued NFT is USDC, but she is also the first-ever creator to reclaim her record!

They also had our second HardCap this week and it sold for 21,790 BUN (USDC 1,741.43) 3 NFTs remain in auction and they can already anticipate the arena is going to be heated.

Catch us there.




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