Katana Inu — a play2earn battle royale PC-Game & NFT-Marketplace

Katana Inu PC Game: Battle-Royale + DeFi

Most blockchain games are cheesy browser games that lack depth, quality graphics, and immersive attributes. Katana Inu separates itself from the pack by utilizing premium quality graphics and well-detailed character models to create an immersive blockchain game with play-to-earn mechanisms.

Katana Inu: Platform Operation & Tokenomics

The economy of KATANA INU operates through the deployment of its native token, $KATA, in conjunction with well-structured smart contracts and inflation-proof devices to create a healthy token economy. The design of Katana Inu’s tokenomics secures a path for profit creation and guarantees return for investors with Staking-mechanism.

How Katana Inu Maintains A Healthy Token Economy

KATANA INU has in place several mechanisms that guarantee its value does not drop significantly. The profits accrued from the NFT marketplace will be used for buybacks to maintain healthy deflationary prices.

Charity Goals: Why Katana Inu Is Important

Aside from providing a high-graphics entertaining pc game, Katana Inu also has charitable goals powered by liquidity provision mechanisms baked into the Katana Inu token economy.

  • Building self-sustaining clean water supplies in Africa.
  • Helping stray animals with medication, surgeries, feeding, and finding new homes for them.

The Katana Inu Team

Katana Inu was envisioned by a team of German entrepreneurs seeking to combine the powers of DeFi, NFT, and other blockchain derivatives with a solid gaming platform to create an ecosystem that remits real value to its participants. The team consists of 17 individuals working on different aspects of this project to help hit milestones and bring the Katana Inu idea to fruition.



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