Kanon NFT Allocation

2 min readMar 1, 2022

Dear Synesians,

The Synesis One team wanted to ensure that they outlined the details for their Kanon NFT allocation for you. Here is what you need to know about the allocation for the initial supply of 10,000 Kanon NFTs. In a nutshell, 81% of the total supply is slated for anyone who participates in the whitelist and/or public sale.

The Synesis One ecosystem is heavily supported by the YGG Ecosystem, namely YGG, YGG-SEA, and IndiGG. As gamers, they not only own a significant chunk of SNS, but also Kanon NFTs.

Additionally, the QE Strategic Reserve can facilitate more demand for Kanon NFTs by providing a buffer for a smoother floor price (upward) movement when the market experiences unexpected sell pressure.

These numbers are pre-public sale figures and subject to changes.

Lastly, the team, including Rare Volume, has retained a number of Kanon NFTs, in order to give one to every team member, advisors, and to also allow us to conduct multiple giveaways in the near future as well.

Are you ready? The Aquarius Collection is only the beginning! What will unfold from it is a new era of digital wealth creation they’ve never experienced before.

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