Introducing Phaver | Share-to-Earn Decentralized Social Platform!

2 min readMay 2, 2022


The invite-only Phaver app is available on iOS and Android

For an Early Access Code join their Discord or Telegram.

What is Phaver?

Phaver was created to collectively build the most interesting feed in the world by rewarding users for sharing the most interesting content they find everywhere on the web — as well as creating new native content on Phaver.


  • Share ownership and value with those who contribute to its success
  • Reward people for creating real value to others, not for buzz or menial tasks
  • Give people control over their own data
  • Be inclusive and accessible to everyone

What they provide

To keep things consumer-friendly they need to shield the users from the inner workings and complications while cherry-picking the decentralization options that actually bring users value. They aim to do this in 3 steps:

1) Token rewards: Get rewarded for interacting and using the platform

2) Data ownership: Own your data and the post you make on the platform

3) Collaborate whenever possible: Compatibility with other forms of social media

Blockchain and social platforms

While there have been multiple attempts at merging the two megatrends, none have so far been successful. They believe the key aspects to unlocking the obvious synergies between the two are as follows:

1) Go all in and share the value: A focus on user experience with integration of web3 and crypto

2) Create real value: Assign real value to their tokens

3) Reward for the right things: Be strict on real and legitimate usage on the platform, not allowing for shilling and promotions that aim to just make money

4) User experience above technology: Many of the early web3 projects have gone very deep down the blockchain rabbit hole at the expense of the user experience.

Phaver has a polished UI where understanding cryptocurrencies and they aim to make it effortless to exchange the tokens for real world currency

Phaver’s wrapped web2 setup allows onboarding any content to web3

Since web3 is mostly a back-end revolution, they aim to create a user experience that allows for the benefits of web3 in a web2 interface.

They aim to focus on quality over quantity when rewarding token, where the yield is more geared towards the popularity of a staked post as well as how early you were staking on it. Head over to their website for more information!