Introducing CryptoCommanders

CryptoCommanders are a unique take on generative art avatars with in-game utility



There can only be a maximum of 11,111 CryptoCommanders. After the drop, any unsold CryptoCommanders will be permanently burned. Each one is a completely generative avatar that is not only visually unique but the associated traits also give each avatar a unique set of abilities that are used to boost your units in-game.

When the sale launches, each CyptoCommander will be sold at 0.05. However, players who use ASLT token will be able to pre-reserve their CryptoCommanders before the main sale and will also receive a 10% discount on their purchase.

Half of all the revenues generated from the sale of CryptoCommanders will go into the player reward pool and be distributed as prizes as well as used to support the liquidity pools for ASLT token.

Summary and More Details



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