What do I get out of owning a Habitat? How do I earn?

  • There are five Elemental types of Habitats: Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each Habitat type correlates with its respective crystal type. (i.e., Fire Habitats produce unrefined Fire Crystals). Therefore, the primary function of Habitats is producing unrefined specific Elemental-Type crystals, which are NFT precursors, not NFTs.
  • There are three levels of Habitats. Higher-level habitats spawn unrefined crystals faster, have more advanced Laboratories that reduce refinement and crafting time, allow you to refine more crystals at a time, and craft more advanced recipes. So if you want to craft more valuable power-ups, as well as items, and accessories for your Genopet, you may want to opt for a higher-level Habitat.
  • If you feel you’ve collected enough of a particular Elemental type of Crystal, or your specific Habitat is no longer serving you, or maybe you have an eye on another Habitat, but you’ve maxed out. In that case, you can sell or trade your Habitat on the open marketplace to a player who’s probably been waiting for you to give it up.
  • Habitats generate unrefined crystals daily. As they appear, you can harvest them, store them in your inventory and refine them when you’re ready. If you look around your Habitat, you’ll find a laboratory where you can take your unrefined crystals to undergo a refining process (a.k.a, the Refined Crystal minting process) to transform them into rare and valuable Refined Crystal NFTs. Apply Refined crystals to your Genopet to unlock unique accessories, special items, boosts, and power-ups. And since they’re NFTs, you can also sell them to other players on an open marketplace.

How do I purchase a Habitat, and how much does it cost?

How many Habitats can I own?

Refined Crystals

Refined Crystals: Lvl 1 Habitats & Refined Crystal Production

Refined Crystals: Lvl 2 Habitats & Basic Crafting

Refined Crystals: Lvl 3 Habitats & Advanced Craft

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