How to use Straight Fire NFT Social dApp?

A Step-by-Step guide for new users

Straight Fire

Straight Fire is building the first NFT Social dApp.

How does it work?
- Connect your digital wallets to their dApp and view all your NFTs from 70+ blockchains in one place.
- Then, select the NFTs you want to promote and share.
- Choose from their library of filters and AR lenses, add some kick-ass music, and share your NFT Story to all your favourite social media channels in one-go.
- All NFT creators, collectors and enthusiasts can now be expert NFT marketeers.

Join their Share to Earn Programme and earn through sharing your NFT stories with the world.

And they don’t stop there!
- Press the mint button and your NFT Stories are minted, free of charge, into new NFTs, that are automatically listed on their in-dApp marketplace.
- Everyone can now grow their NFT collection and monetise on their existing NFTs.
- And with all these amazing NFT Stories in one place, take your profile public and shine on their virtual stage.

Their NFT Social dApp is a tool and a destination.
Experience first-hand, why NFTs are emotions you own and how they help to elucidate the true value of you and your NFTs.

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