How can Xfinite’s rewards ecosystem add more value to your business?

Scaling your business in a competitive world today requires a solid foundation and a practical customer acquisition model. To get visibility on a large platform too requires big bucks and a lot of manpower and money.

While as an entrepreneur you may invest your heart, soul, and money chances are you still may not get the desired results nor a detailed analytical report of how the reward system or ads are performing. These hindrances to scale a business can result in a long-term delay of an enterprise’s overall growth.

Xfinity’s Blockchain system built on the eminent Algorand platform is a distributed public blockchain boasting of some business accelerating features like an automated rewards system backed by a robust smart contract, advertising stack that’s ready to market, in-app ads integration with concentrated targeting, transparent and tamper-proof data access for stakeholders.

Cutting edge tech:
The rewards system offers seamless user onboarding and a private digital wallet that stores the cryptographic asset balance and transaction details. The Mzaalo SDK is ready to use and offers easy onboarding of brands and businesses.

Borderless brand visibility: To target a larger audience for the promotion of your business can be tricky. Xfinity’s Mzaalo dapp is a VOD platform that has a huge user base across the globe. Promoting your business via our loyalty and rewards program will not interrupt the user’s streaming experience but instead will add more value.

Transparency & Trustless: The world vouches for Blockchain’s transparency. Every transaction is visible on the system which makes it easier for the businesses to assess their performance. Brands or businesses also get an analytics report of their performance on the Mzaalo dapp.

Feature packed VOD: Mzaalo dapp (decentralized application) is one of a kind gamified entertainment streaming platform that offers interactive features like Bid & Win — a feature that offers exciting rewards to bidders on the app. The Mzaalo platform also has a meet and greet feature where fans can e-meet their favourite celebrities.

Interactive ad engagement: Make your brand stand out by choosing from a range of advertising options on the dapp like shoppable ads, influencer engagement stack and celebrity E-store to elevate your brand visibility.

Access to opportunities: By partnering with Xfinite businesses get easy access to upcoming projects and initiatives in the blockchain and cryptographic realm. In addition, brands can also collaborate with each other on the platform and also have decision making rights to themselves.

About Xfinite

Xfinite is a blockchain-based platform designed to re-establish trust between consumers, content creators, and publishers. Through the use of viewer-based rewards, the Xfinite ecosystem helps the media and entertainment industry combat advertising fraud by increasing transparency and creating a new habit of engagement. Xfinite has established various partnerships with global corporations in order to drive innovation and create new use cases for blockchain technology.

About Mzaalo

Mzaalo is a gamified video platform and entertainment ecosystem secured by blockchain. We have created a media platform to build trust and transparency for our stakeholders — Users, Content owners and Advertisers. Mzaalo’s algorithm empowers users to earn rewards that can be spent on merchandise, digital goods, games, and charitable giving.




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