GUIDE: Minting an Alien Samurai Dino Warriors NFT

Introducing ASDW: Alien Samurai Dino Warriors is a new multi-medium brand, created by superstar DJ and Actor Dimitri “Vegas” Thivaios, who is teaming up with a crew of all-star creators who have been involved in bringing some of your favorite tv-shows, comics, video games to life. When we say all-star team we mean it.

We are so proud to have on board the originators of all BATMAN movies, franchises and the award winning The Joker Michael & David Uslan, Erik Burnham the writer of Ghostbusters, Back to the Future Transformers, the A-team and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Heather Antos, who worked on Marvel’s STAR WARS, co-created Marvel’s character Gwenpool and currently leading Marvel & IDW’s Star Wars Galaxy.

We aren’t joking around when it comes to the Alien Samurai Dino Warriors franchise.

Grab one of these exclusive NFT’s and be part of the ‘Dino Warriors’ community to get access to exclusive content and unique benefits.

Let’s go over the steps on how to buy an ASDW NFT.

In this Article:

How to Mint

  • Step 1: Go to the ASDW website
  • Step 2: Navigate to the drop page & Connect your MetaMask
  • Step 3: Mint the NFT of choice

How to Buy

  • Step 1: Create an account on
  • Step 2: Connect your wallet
  • Step 3: Search for ‘ASDW Collection’ on Opensea
  • Step 4: Buy the NFT
  • Step 5: Participate in the ‘Refund Competition’.

How to Mint

Step 1: Go to the ASDW website

To be able to Mint an ASDW NFT you will need to navigate to our website:

Step 2: Navigate to the drop page & Connect your MetaMask

Connect your MetaMask with our platform:

Step 3: Mint the NFT of choice

Navigate to the ‘Gold’ or ‘Silver’ Tier page

Select which NFT you would like to Mint:

How to buy/sell

Step 1: Create an account on Opensea

To create an account and start buying and selling NFTs on you have to have 3 things: digital currency, a crypto wallet (MetaMask for example) and a profile on

More information on how to set up your account on OpenSea here.

Step 2: Connect your wallet to your OpenSea account

Navigate to the top right corner on the OpenSea Homepage and click on the wallet icon. OpenSea will ask you to connect a wallet of your choice. You can now connect your MetaMask.

You can view all your NFTs in your wallet in your account’s profile page now.

Edit your profile information such as your Username, Bio etc and add a secure email address to your account.

Once you’ve completed all steps and connected your wallet to your profile, you’re ready to start buying some Dino NFTs!

Step 3: Search for ‘ASDW Collection’ on Opensea

Go to the Opensea Marketplace and search for ‘Alien Samurai Dino Warriors’.

Here you’ll see the entire collection.

Step 4: Buy the NFT

To buy an NFT with a fixed price (all tiers except Diamond):

Once you choose the NFTs you’d like to buy, select the ‘Buy Now’ button and follow the prompts in your wallet.

You’ll be directed to a checkout pop-up where you can review the final cost of your purchase. Click the ‘Checkout’ button to continue your purchase.

When clicking the checkout button, your wallet will be opened and the final cost incl. gas fees will show. Click Confirm to finalize your purchase.

Once the transaction is complete, the item will transfer to your wallet.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of an Alien Samurai Dino Warriors NFT.

Return to your profile and select ‘In Wallet’ on the left side of the page to see the NFT you just bought. There might be a slight delay before it’s visible due to transaction processing time.

To buy an NFT in auction (Diamond Tier):

  • Select the NFT you’d like to make an offer on.
  • Click the ‘Make Offer’ button.
  • Select the currency you’d like to make your offer in. If you’d like to make an offer in ETH, you’ll notice that the only option is Wrapped ETH (WETH).

Please note, there may be one-off fees if you make an offer in a currency you’ve never made a purchase with before.

  • Enter the amount of your offer and an expiration date.
  • Click ‘Make Offer’ and sign the transaction in your wallet.

You can see a list of all active offers linked to your wallet address, in the Offers tab in your profile. Once you’ve set your order you can now wait for the owner to accept your bid. When there is a high demand on this NFT, be active and keep upping your bid to make sure you’re the one taking it home.

*Please note that when buying an NFT on Opensea you agree with their Terms & Conditions.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of an Alien Samurai Dino Warriors NFT!

Step 5: Participate in the ‘Refund Competition’

Get the chance to get a full refund and keep the NFTs you bought! More details coming soon…

Stay tuned and follow all social channels.






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