Genopets partners with Merit Circle to make it easy to reward active lifestyles around the world

What is Merit Circle?

Merit Circle x Genopets

  1. Asset Management
    The built-in Habitat leasing system streamlines the inefficiencies of manual tracking, asset settlement, and the transferring of NFTs between Scholars and guilds.
  2. Recruitment
    Using the free-to-play model facilitates a pool of potential Scholars for guilds to recruit. Guilds can measure Scholars’ skills and commitment to the game by comparing their progression to the amount of XP that free players are earning. An example of this, outside of blockchain gaming, is Esports teams recruiting players based on a traditional video game leaderboard.
  3. Education
    As a mobile app with a seamless user experience that abstracts the web3 complications from the end user, Genopets removes the barriers around educating and training that make adoption difficult for play-to-earn games.

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About Merit Circle

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