Genopets partners with Merit Circle to make it easy to reward active lifestyles around the world

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Merit Circle. Along with being seed round investors in Genopets, Merit Circle has purchased $200,000 in co-branded Habitats in the Genoverse to expand the play-to-earn scholarship model and continue helping people around the world earn.

What is Merit Circle?

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization focussed on developing the play-to-earn economy. Their mission is to maximize value accrual across different games in the metaverse by creating a platform at the intersection of capital, expertise, and players in GameFi. Merit Circle remains at the forefront of innovation in the play-to-earn industry, with widespread activities across multiple sectors and niches, causing a constantly adapting organization that’s always evolving. Moreover, Merit Circle is a DAO that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to contribute to building the metaverse.

“We’re really excited to provide our gamers with habitats that enable them to not only earn KI Token but also to get their daily movement. In a world that’s rapidly becoming more digital, we love to mix things up with a game like Genopets. We look forward to seeing which skills our gamers focus on leveling first!” — Marco van den Heuvel, Co-Founder & CEO of Merit Circle

Merit Circle x Genopets

Acquiring a Habitat unlocks daily KI Token earnings for a player along with the ability to craft Crystals and other in-game Genopets NFTs so players can attain maximum gains. The higher the level of Habitat, the more KI Token you earn and the more Crystals you can produce, providing more NFTs you can sell. Thus, higher-level Habitats are more valuable, and therefore, more expensive than lower-level habitats. Since Habitats need to be purchased, and we want Genopets to remain as accessible as possible, guilds play a vital role in helping players earn by offsetting their upfront cost of acquiring a Habitat in-game.

Genopets keeps the Guild model in mind. We have identified three growth areas for improvement where Genopets is revolutionizing the play-to-earn model for guilds:

  1. Asset Management
    The built-in Habitat leasing system streamlines the inefficiencies of manual tracking, asset settlement, and the transferring of NFTs between Scholars and guilds.
  2. Recruitment
    Using the free-to-play model facilitates a pool of potential Scholars for guilds to recruit. Guilds can measure Scholars’ skills and commitment to the game by comparing their progression to the amount of XP that free players are earning. An example of this, outside of blockchain gaming, is Esports teams recruiting players based on a traditional video game leaderboard.
  3. Education
    As a mobile app with a seamless user experience that abstracts the web3 complications from the end user, Genopets removes the barriers around educating and training that make adoption difficult for play-to-earn games.

Merit Circle scholars will accelerate their progression through the game by working together to craft and earn NFTs to evolve their Genopets and strengthen their gameplay.

“Excited to announce our next guild partnership with Merit Circle, an early backer of our team from the start. This partnership expands on our vision to bridge digital and physical worlds through Move-to-Earn, reaching scholars around the world and rewarding them for taking care of themselves while taking care of their Genopets.” — Albert Chen, Co-founder & CEO of Genopets.

Summon your Genopet and start moving to begin exploring and evolving together. Stay tuned for future updates and join the conversation in our community channels below. See you in the Genoverse!

About Genopets

Genopets is the first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT game that makes it fun and rewarding to live an active lifestyle. Built on Solana, Genopets integrates your daily activity in real life with blockchain Play-to-Earn economics so you can turn your real-life actions into expansive gameplay and earn crypto while doing it.

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About Merit Circle

Merit circle is creating a DAO that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse.

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