DeFi is the future?

What is the PEAKDEFI protocol?

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How is PEAKDEFI different from other global fund services?

While developing the platform, the team of PEAKDEFI focused on both investors and assets managers. Therefore, they made sure to include benefits for each party, providing them with everything they need in order to trade smoothly.

  • All user deposits are locked in smart contracts without any third party having direct access to those funds;
  • The Distribution of the managed PEAKDEFI fund adjusts automatically between the best asset managers through smart contracts to achieve optimal results;
  • There is a fixed management period of just 57 days, followed by a 3-day transition phase, where investors can sell their PEAKDEFI Shares again
  • Each manager receives approximately 15% of the total profit of the PEAKDEFI fund, depending on its performance;
  • Managers can start the game immediately by buying reputation tokens and staking PEAK token to get a piece of the fund to manage without consulting different clients — so there are no boundaries.

Is any other way to increase your income on PEAKDEFI?

Yes. If you are not into trading, you can also stake your own Token — PEAK.

Who is behind the PEAKDEFI protocol?

PEAKDEFI is the outcome of the hard work of dedicated specialists ready to face the challenges of today’s economy. From marketing experts to tech developers, together they succeed in creating a solution both accessible and reliable for its users.



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