Could Point Network Become the Next Standard for Web 3.0?

Point Network is here to help

So, now that we have outlined the issue, is anyone doing anything to solve it? Point Network is a project being developed by Point Labs with the purpose of finally bringing complete decentralization to the web3 world. It combines decentralized domains that cannot be taken away because they are on the blockchain, decentralized storage (they have partnered up with Arweave on this) that cannot be censored and is designed to store the content of this new internet redundantly across Arweave network for hundreds of years, decentralized identities that allow you to use the same secret phrase to immediately become logged into every dApp and website on the network, and, finally, a decentralized browser providing all the necessary extra tools to enjoy Web3 on Point Network.

What does the future hold?

As is the case with all projects in this space, it takes time for real results to show. After all, it wasn’t until the Solana Ignition Hackathon that Point Network really came into its own and found its footing after making it onto the ‘Honorable Mentions’ category. This–them being early on in the game with promising tech — combined with the fact that the Web 3.0 concept only really started picking up steam recently, proves that Point Network knows what it’s doing and has the potential to become the main Web3 standard in the future if all goes according to plan.



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