Charting a crypto course: Bitay’s roadmap for global expansion

Bitay is expanding its global footprint. After their unrivalled success in the Turkish crypto ecosystem, they have their sights set on “glocalization,” establishing exchange operations in Estonia and a global headquarters in the Netherlands to serve a growing number of local digital asset exchanges in untapped markets. With this expanding global network and an ever-increasing range of services, all the pieces are in place for Bitay to become the preferred exchange in countries across the globe.

A central component of “glocalization” is working closely with trusted advisors to establish local companies and secure any necessary exchange or brokerage licenses as required by the regulatory body of the country in question (as we have done in Estonia and the United States).

Following this approach, their first port of call will be India, followed by Azerbaijan, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and Poland. These are generally representative of the regions where they intend to grow and scale Bitay: CIS (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia), Central Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Poland), Southeast Europe (Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria), the U.S., MENA (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine), and Africa (Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda). The aim is to be fully operational in twelve countries by the end of 2022.

But their mission is not confined solely to geographical expansion: they believe it’s vital to strengthen ties between the crypto ecosystem and the real world, and in the process make digital assets a more viable alternative. Likewise, it’s imperative to offer multi-pronged services so as to create a more robust platform that appeals to users of all stripes.

Over the course of the next year and a half, they have plans to roll out a number of new functionalities. First and foremost will be the official launch of the Bitay Ecosystem Token (BTY), a multi-purpose utility token that will power our expanded platform and provide ample user benefits and payment extensions. At a similar time, staking and margin trading services will go live.

Next, DeFi products and an NFT marketplace, a blockchain-based auction platform hosting both artists and owners of collectibles, will be accessible on our platform. They aim to build a bridge to the nascent DeFi niche by facilitating regulatory-compliant innovations, a crucial step considering that regulation remains a huge challenge for the crypto ecosystem.

They will then inaugurate BitayX, their own launchpad, to help empower crypto businesses, ventures, projects, and startups in markets where it’s difficult to access funding. The idea is to bring high potential projects on board and then list them after rigorous vetting, with their users being offered advantageous prices. In fact, the launchpad is currently receiving applications for potential token sales in 2022.

Another crucial step scheduled for 2022 is BitayPay going live. A reliable, end-to-end and customizable payment service, BitayPay is the link between today’s existing payment infrastructure and the new world of digital assets. It offers enterprises and retailers an API-based payment gateway and an integrated digital wallet service, through which crypto users can purchase goods online using digital assets. Moreover, retailers can easily and efficiently run campaigns and loyalty programs, to the advantage of their users.

To help expand the BitayPay customer network, they plan to acquire an E.U. payment services license in Lithuania next year, which will permit a single passport availability across E.U. member states. Also in the following year, they intend to obtain a brokerage license in the E.U. and launch their trading and platform services for institutions.

These intuitive, accessible, and efficient solutions will allow them to build a robust global network. At the same time, users in untapped markets will gain access to the modern crypto ecosystem through a platform that is professional, secure, and easy to use. It’s a future mapped out to encourage widespread adoption of digital assets while building a secure crypto ecosystem, one that carries benefits for users across the world.




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