Cards of Spellfire — DAO The Treasury Island

2 min readJan 23, 2022


DAO — The Treasury Island is one of the rarest and most powerful holdings in the world of Spellfire, and it could soon be yours!

Created in collaboration with DAO Maker, the card’s backstory perfectly suits a company well known for finding the crypto industry’s hidden gems.

In the world of Spellfire, The Treasury Island is the location of the world’s rarest and most desirable gems. Many have tried and failed to gain access to its riches. Even if you are able to navigate the regions’ flowing rivers of lava and find its cleverly concealed entrance, it is unlikely that you would make it past the formidable Guardian Dragon.

Place this holding onto any ‘Flaming Waters’ realm and it will gain four levels in addition to becoming immune to any attacking champions artifacts. It significantly reduces your opponent’s offensive power and is a strong defensive addition to any deck.

DAO The Treasury Island Original NFT Card is available on the Spellfire Market. The card earns up to 10x Return on Investment in passive income, while also growing in value as a rare NFT.

Three lucky participants of their Spellfire x DAOMaker Competition will receive this special revenue-generating Original NFT card. Each of these cards can generate up to $2700 in revenue.

Only 7 days are left to enter!

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