Bold Point’s Economy: The role of $BPT and $YAY


In-game currency — Copper, Silver, Gold

There are many ways to get it:

  • killing mobs;
  • completing quests;
  • the reward for finishing events;
  • daily income from the Castle;
  • collecting resources (for each obtained resource);
  • trading with NPCs.

Ways to use game currency:

  • buying potions;
  • buying simple equipment;
  • repair of simple equipment;
  • buying ingredients from NPCs;
  • crafting;
  • portals use;
  • equipment enhancement.

$BPT and $YAY

BPT mining:

  • Daily achievements in the Arena
  • Extraction of rare resources
  • Drop of rare items
  • Journeys
  • Dungeons.

BPT exploitation:

  • Accelerating progress
  • Premium consumables
  • Premium equipment
  • Removing restrictions
  • Offers

YAY mining:

  • Territorial battles
  • Global Events
  • Legendary achievements

YAY exploitation:

  • Epic Outfit
  • Epic consumables
  • Mounts
  • Effigies
  • Buildings

About Bold Point

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