Bold Point In-game Series — The Map and Navigation

4 min readDec 28, 2021


Another episode of Bold Point insides is already waiting for you. They can’t wait to fulfill your exploration craving, or maybe you want to discover a secret location where you can level-up easily. Hold on there, buddy, Bold Point is on its way!

After their previous article about the Plot and settings within the Bold Point ecosystem, they now will explain to you the map structure and navigation process around the different lands. Stay tuned for more updates. They got one more exciting post for you coming soon.

The Map — Where do you fit?

As you know by now, this world is assembled by multiple pieces. Separate territories have been pulled out of different worlds, with different climates, landscapes and ethnic groups. The map shown above gives users an idea of the world in which the character is located, the city’s location, provinces, and resources.

The map is divided into territories, or provinces. With the help of your mouse cursor, you can find out location names, available transitions, monster level, resources that can be obtained with the help of professions and information about the ruler of a given location. By zooming in on the map, you can switch from the global map view to the province map.

Provinces — Unknown Lands

When leaving a city, the character goes to the province map. It shows settlements, area details, monster spawns, caravans, provincial boundaries, mines, interesting places and some sites. Quest objects and site icons are also located here.

Provinces are divided into:

1. Safe — Provinces with cities. Attacking faction members here lowers the reputation to hostile. Guards come to the aid of the victims and quickly deal with the aggressor. Representatives of other kingdoms need a visa to stay here

2. Conditionally safe — Territories ruled by kingdoms with castles, fortresses, outposts. Here, the offenders are also pursued by the guards, but the time of its reaction (the number of moves before the appearance of 1–5) depends on the index. Assaults in these zones are punishable by a drop in reputation for a faction.

3. Wild — Land owned by kingdoms, but without buildings. No bans on PvP. Faction reputation when engaging in assaults here falls 3 times less. When trying to leave a province, characters with a bad reputation are attacked by guards. You can go past them using the paths of smugglers and personal portals.

4. Frontier — Lands not belonging to kingdoms. No bans on PvP. No reputation loss.

A province can contain a specific resource. In addition to the income from it, its presence generates the wealth of the corresponding resource in the city. If there is a shortage, the prices of goods containing this resource in the shops of the city rise. Provinces differ in level, which increases with distance from the capital and determines the level of content for the characters.


Characters can move on foot or by using horses and special items for faster traveling. The speed of your warrior will be directly connected to his movement. To move to another province, users must move along the map of the current province reaching the border and confirm the transition. Another way to move around the world without using a map is to use portals.

Other players are not displayed on the map, but you can meet them in random encounters and ambushes. Certain class abilities allow you to avoid encounters or deliberately seek them out. While moving around provinces, you can come across merchants with unique goods and NPC characters offering non-standard quests.

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