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What is Dominus?

Dominus is the Latin word for master or owner. Often used as title of the feudal, superiors, lords and sometimes as an ecclesiastical and academic title, the Dominus will play a pivotal part in the Age of Tanks.

In A.O.T., Dominus is a landowner. He is a gamer who invests in land NFTs giving him more control over his earnings on this play-to-earn scheme.

On Earth Zero, gamers can purchase and own pieces of land. These lands will be used to build facilities giving them control over the services-producing utilities and the right to create guilds.

Dominus Owned Facilities

So what’s the benefit of being a Dominus? Having your facilities will give you the advantage to increase the production of AOT and Brodium, bringing your champion closer to the ultimate prize.

Champions will pay for the use of the facilities the Dominus owns, in form of fees and smart contracts. This will serve as passive income for the Dominus.

So, every time the Champion uses the Iron Forge to forge a higher tank part, and the Refinery working endlessly around the clock, the Dominus will be participating in a yield pool to earn A.O.T. tokens.

Meanwhile, Brodium is the in-game resource that can be farmed by playing PVE campaign conquest or battling in PVP Brodium battlefield. Brodium earned can be used to unlock various rarity mysterious warchest. And Dominus would build Brodium Mines to gain more Brodium for power.

The game enables various possible possibilities for gamers to work on a shared goal and join resources to shape the earth grounding ecosystem.

It will permit other gamers to cooperate and contribute, allowing others to build together.

Dominus controls Guild, Training and the Capital

Diplomatic treaties, forming alliances, and betrayal, ultimately led to the formation of guilds.

Being in a guild would mutually be beneficial for both the Dominus and Champion members. The connection amongst guild members will encourage group harmony and more social interactions.

There are mutual benefits to being part of a powerful guild. After all, with so many eyes watching, there is no place safe to sleep other than in the Guild Hall.

Guild Hall

Dominus can establish individual guilds on their land to join 7V7 PVE battle and guild trade missions. (We will expound on this topic in our next article!)

At the Dome Nation, the capital cities of every Dominus enable the social interactions where the affluent and influential, the scum and the rich gathered. There they can find friends, sit down for a beer, tell each other stories, or show off their new acquisitions thereby building a camaraderie that will be a starting point for guilds to be built.

Dome Nation

The Dominus can also set-up a training facility for the Champions which is the Concats Academy. They will undergo training to master a process called Concatenation. This process syncs the minds of the tank crew, allowing them to fight as if it were one man in a suit. Schools will train more CHAMPIONS with this ability, whereby Cadets are called Concats.

Concats Academy

Dominus will have increased the Daily Energy threshold to facilitate the training of Concats.

Soon the Land Initial NFT Offering will be here! And this is something one might want to give crucial thought to. Imagine a bigger opportunity to play and earn for that serious A.O.T enthusiasts!

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