ApeFarmer is proud to reveal their ApeFarmer Royal Ape Auction house! Needless to say, NFTS have become a driving factor for crypto adoption world wide and it is necessary that they include this explosive growth within the ApeFarmer Ecosystem.

To start off they will be releasing a “Genesis ApesFarmer’s” NFT series. Each Genesis Ape will be auctioned off and bid on with $APEF tokens (see image below). The auctions will take place weekly until all Genesis Apes have been sold. The amount of Genesis Apes to be revealed is TBA.

The ApeFarmer Genesis Apes will offer exclusive utility by allowing holder(s) to earn a percentage of fees generated on the ApeFarmer platform and can be sold/bought on any Binance related NFT marketplace. The fee’s will be paid out in their native token $APEF and the APY will be announced after launch.

ApeFarmer would like to thank their loyal community for the constant support and they look forward to continue growth throughout the rest of 2021 and into 2022.