ApeFarmer is pleased to announce a formal partnership with Babyswap $BABY!

Babyswap is not only a decentralized exchange, but also offers farms, pools, gamified NFTS, IDOS and much more.

Through this collaboration, Apefarmer aims to gain increased exposure to our up and coming yield aggregator while allowing current Babyswap holders to stake various tokens in our smart contracts to increase profits in a cost efficient manner while maintaining and growing their total value locked (TVL)!

What vaults will Apefarmer offer Babyswap?

· BABY, BABY/USDT, BABY/BNB (uses babyswap)‌

· DOGGY/USDT (uses babyswap)‌

· Babydoge/USDT (uses babyswap)‌

· SHIB/USDT (uses babyswap)

By participating in Apefarmer vaults, not only will you increase yields from existing pools, you will also earn $APEF & transaction fees!

ApeFarmer looks forward to a long and promising partnership and believe this is just a small step in the right direction for Apefarmer.






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